January 22, 2013


Keeping with my true manic relationships with exercise and food, I have once again quit something I started.

CrossFit and Paleo.

Well, sortof....

I've had this love-hate relationship with the scheduling of CrossFit for the last six months or so.  Most "boxes" are open really early in the morning, closing mid-morning, and reopen around mid- to late afternoon.  The one I attended was no different.  I see the point - there isn't alot of traffic during the day, so why fool with the extra overhead of lights, employees to man the empty building, etc.  Believe me, I totally get it.  But...that doesn't preclude me from being aggravated with it...on a daily basis.

See, I'm a stay-at-home mom.  Every week, with the exception of the 6 hours she attends a local mother's morning out program, my sweet sweet daughter is with me.  At my feet.  On my  hip.  Craving entertainment, food, and a clean diaper.  Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't change any of it.  I'm so thankful and blessed beyond measure that I get to see all of her moments - the good, the bad, and all of the amazement in between.  But, that still doesn't preclude me from being aggravated with the schedule...on a daily basis.

Trying to coordinate my workout schedule with a husband who does not have a consistent even more frustrating.  Case in point - we are staying with my parents for three weeks while we are in between selling one house and moving to another - every night my sweet sweet parents want to know what time Troy will be home for dinner.  My response - every single night?  "I have no idea.  It could be 5:30...It could be 10:00."  Of course, that doesn't preclude them from continuing to ask

Ever hear the definition of insanity?

I digress.

Because of my husband's crazy work schedule, it is imperative that he workout at the crack of dawn.  Which means we both can't work out at the crack of dawn (there's all the laws about leaving toddlers at home to fend for themselves....).  So, I tried (three times, I tried) to go to CrossFit as soon as I dropped my sweet daughter off at mother's morning out.  I dropped her promptly at 9:00am....sped over to CF to begin the WOD around 9:15.  The WOD might take anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes.  And then there is the period after the WOD that I had to catch my breath, realize that I didn't die, and regain my composure.  That usually took another 5 minutes.  And then CrossFit closed at 10:00.

In other words, I was racing to drop my child to get to to get the WOD to cool down...and all that racing made me realize that I need more than 45 minutes twice a week to work out. 

So, I decided to give running another try.  And it turns out, while I've lost most of my endurance, it was just as fun as I remembered it being.

I'm going back to being a runner.  The schedule is accommodating.  I can do it most anywhere.  And if I'm really in a pinch, I can toss B in a stroller and we can take off.

It solves all of my exercising woes.  And it's still fun.

I'll still do some CrossFit-ish things at home...squats, pushups, double unders, burpees...and maybe in the Fall when B starts a more regular preschool routine, I'll be able to go back to CrossFit.

But, in the meantime, watch out 35-39 age group.  I'm back to take my rightful place in the center of the pack.

As for Paleo...well, that's a different story.

About 5 months into doing "paleo-ish" (80% paleo/20% non-paleo), I noticed that I started to get really moody.  I would even go as far as to say I felt depressed.  I've never been depressed in my life, so I'm not totally sure that is a correct diagnosis, but it was just general sadness for no good reason.  I began to do a little Google research about what could be the cause.   I kept coming back to the question: was I getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients?  I don't know the answer to that question.  Remember, I chase a toddler for a living, so counting out magnesium and folic acid and making sure I get enough of everything I need is a little much, even for my organized, OCD self.   At any rate, I wondered what I was losing in the form of fortification through grains.  So, I did a little experiment - I began to add a few non-paleo things back to my diet.  Some oats.  Some cheese.  Even a waffle or two.  And guess what?  The sadness disappeared.  My energy came back almost immediately.  I didn't/haven't gained any weight and I don't feel lethargic.  Of course, I still eat those non-paleo foods in moderation, but I've added them back and I feel better than ever.

What is the moral of this story?  While wheat and other modified foods still scare the bejeezus out of me, I'm not qualified enough to cut out entire food groups and not have some small to serious health consequences.  Are those health consequences more or less severe than the consequences of eating non-paleo foods?  I don't know.  While I'm a fairly smart girl, and I can put away some books, I'm really not qualified to make these sorts of decisions on my own - regardless of the number of books I read.  I wish I was.   But, this period of sadness (during the most happiest time of the year - the holidays!) made me realize that if I'm going to something drastic like paleo, I really need to consult with an expert.  And since my full-time job of chasing a toddler doesn't bring home a huge paycheck (huge dividends, but not a huge paycheck), the services of a nutritionist will have to wait. Until she finishes college, I assume.

In the meantime, I'm back to what I know I can do well:




The fruits of  my slow labor....or, proof of what can happen if you just show up.


wesa121 said...

I knew you would be back : )

Art @ Fit at Fifty said...

I keep trying to cross train.
The only way I can get it done is with a personal trainer.
Not that I hate cross training, I just love running.

Carilyn said...

Love your blog! I tried CrossFit awhile back and almost killed myself :). From years of running I'm about as flexible is a Redwood tree, so all that jumping up and down and "grasshoppering" nearly did me in. I think the instructor was relieved when I quit.

As for Paleo - I do it, but then I just add in cupcakes, french fries and movie popcorn. :)

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