September 25, 2012


Challenges...challenges...we all face them.  Whether it's becoming drug-free, or just getting all the laundry sorted and put away...we all have our challenges. 

And then some of us are dumb enough to make up challenges (side note: when I say "dumb" I am ONLY referring to myself).

Insert the challenges I agreed to participate in over the next 9 weeks:

The first one, the LuRong Challenge, was supposed to be a way for our gym to possibly win a $50,000 makeover.  It's the one I'm most aggravated that I signed up for.  It cost $50 (that does go to a charity of sorts), but that's not what gets's the fact that I'm supposed to eat 100% Paleo all day, every day.  Guess what?  I like my cheats.  I like a good glass of chocolate almond milk.  I like a blizzard after a steak meal.  Why yes, yes I would like fries with that.  And ketchup too.  Don't get me wrong...I've LOVED this whole Paleo thing.  See blog post below to see my testament to all things Paleo.  But, I LOVE to cheat and not feel guilty about it.

The Bingo Card.  We did this back in April and I really think it gave me the jump start that I needed to get "more" serious about CrossFit.  I would have never attended a Signature Saturday if it weren't for those bingo spaces.  I didn't win the competition but I did get a bottle opener for my efforts (which opens my very non-Paleo Fat Tire), and I realized during that month that I really really really love CrossFit.  For some reason, this time around, my heart is just not in it.  I'm much more intrigued by figuring out how to do a correct Power Snatch, then I am trying to best my prowler-pushing time.  BUT, if you are new to CrossFit or just need a kick start to doing some things you never thought you were capable of, I suggest signing up for the Bingo Challenge.

The Savannah Half Marathon...what can I say?  I'm a glutton for signing up for races and then not training for them.  This one won't be any different.  I've run 3 consecutive miles since April.   This time, it's not that my heart isn't it, it's that running gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list...that place where I have 1 to 2 hours of free time in day sans toddler, and I'm not having to pay a babysitter $10 per hour to chase after that precious baby....oh yeah...that place doesn't exist in my world.

100 Burpees for 100 Days.  I suggest reading the link above.  It says way more than I could ever say about this challenge.

One thing I have learned during this last week is that I've got alot more challenges to OVERCOME before I can commit to challenges that are made up by well-intentioned masochists.

This morning as I was completing round 6 of "Black Jack" (7 rounds of 7 thrusters, 7 pullups, 7 burpees), I had a lot of time to think...I realized that my fitness level has decreased significantly since I gave up the 50/20 plan (50 reps of back squats or strict presses in 20 minutes).  I realized that I shouldn't have to break up 7 thrusters into 3-3-1 especially when I wasn't even close to Rx.  I realized that taking a week off because I was overwhelmed with packing and moving and having a yard sale and, oh yeah, having a child that had 2 pre-op appointments and minor surgery; causes me to suck at thrusters and burpees (I will always suck at pullups).

I realized that MY challenge is just getting to CrossFit 6 days a week.  Stepping over the mound of laundry that needs to be washed, walking past the sink full of dishes, turning my head to the coffee that wasn't brewed, and getting in my car and showing up.  I have so much to gain by just showing up and doing the posted WOD, practicing skills that are stupid (like double-unders), and getting back to my happy place with 50/20.  So, with that said, I'm bailing on the challenges listed above.  (Well, not the Half Marathon because I've signed up AND paid for my lodging.)  I'm sorry to my partners-in-challenge-crime to leave the group...but, I feel like this is what challenges are for - to help you recognize your weaknesses and overcome them.  And guess what?  I was never going to overcome the little bit of vomit in the back of my throat every time I thought about how stupid doing 97, 98, 99, 100 burpees over 4 days would be. 


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