August 23, 2012


I've been trying to find some inspiration to write about my recent journey down paleo-lane.  For some reason, the only thing I can come up with is:

Down 7 pounds and 2 body fat percentage points in a month.  

And, after that little piece of heaven, I've got nothing.

You see, going paleo really hasn't been that hard.  

It's hard to count calories and weigh them against exercise.  It's hard to track a point system that gives an avocado the same point ranking as donut holes.  It's hard to micromanage protein and fat and carbohydrates and take into consideration the glycemic index of the foods you do eat.

All of that is hard.

Paleo (disclaimer: in my non-nutritionist/dietitian/physician opinion) is not hard.

Don't eat grains.  Any of them.

Don't eat dairy.   Any of it.

Don't eat anything processed.  All of it.

Make sure I eat alot of meat, vegetables, fruit, seeds & nuts.  And to flavor things up, I eat alot of spices....spices that I never even knew I had in my cabinets.

That's it.  

I do cheat.  Sometimes I do 85/15 (approximately 3 meals a week that are non-paleo), sometimes I do 100/0 (all meals are paleo), and sometimes I do 0/100 (zero meals are paleo).  When I do that last one, I can definitely tell that something is amiss in my body.  When I cheat, that little muffin top around my middle shows back up to remind me that sugar is bad.  Processed is bad.  Grains are bad.  And there is nothing like feeling puffy to make me straighten up and fly right.  

Cooking has been fun.  I've cooked everything from spaghetti to mashed potatoes to peach cobbler.  And I've made it all within paleo guidelines (shout out to my friend Google for making things so easy to find).   I've actually put thought into my meals, and had a good time learning.  Did you know that homemade salad dressing is sooooo much better than the stuff you get in a bottle?  And it has no sugar, no xantham gum, no Polysorbate 60, and no natamyxin (seriously, what the heck is that last stuff??).  And raisins and honey make a great sugar base for sweet dishes that normally call for sugar.  

Everyone (okay, 3 of my FB friends) has asked me about cost.  It's got to be more expensive, right?  And I guess it is.  I did up our "food budget" for the month, but only because 1) I wasn't sure how much everything would cost 2) I wanted to buy organic if available 3) I'm too lazy to price shop (please don't tell my husband about that last part).  So, yes for us, it has been more expensive.  But, my husband's opportunity cost by letting me spend more money is that he has a wife who looks hot naked*.  Anyone could do it on a lesser budget, with a little bit of time and patience.  Contrary to popular belief, buying meat from a local wholesaler (grass-fed all the way) is not marginally more expensive than buying it from the grocery store (and we don't even want to begin to talk about the vast taste differences between "real" fresh and "visually" fresh meat.  Local markets are not marginally more expensive either, but the issue is availability.  You won't be able to get bananas from our local market - ever.  But, I make due with alot of local goodies that I might not have ever tried before.

In my (completely unlicensed) opinion, paleo just means making a plan, and executing that plan with near perfection.   And anyone who knows me, knows I love a good plan....especially when I can chart it, blog about it, and make fancy binders with all my favorite paleo recipes in it.  

So, in summary, while pale is not super-easy (you must plan), it's not nearly as hard as deciding whether to use those "food points" for one lean ground beef patty or a basket of nachos and cheese (because, according to this site, they are equivalent). 

*Apologies to my mother, father, brother, minister, and anyone else I might have embarrassed by that comment.


LaRae said...

Hi Amy! I just recently moved to Macon in January and was pleasantly surprised to find a health blogger from here. :) I follow health bloggers like crazy so having one from nearby was pretty cool.
What method do you use to measure your percent body fat? Congratulations on your loss! (I don't know if you could ever say that sentence in any other situation besides this one...)

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