March 28, 2012


When I was pregnant one of the worst things I could do for my sanity was to Google any sort of ailment I might have been having.  I can't tell you how many times my midwife said "your only orders are to NOT Google anything!"  Fast forward to 15 months later...and well, Google and I are on a first name basis.

Today's question: "why is my 15 month old whining all of the time?"

Yes, that was my question.  (I have an "old" iphone...otherwise I'd ask Siri all of these questions...)

Surprisingly, Google is much friendlier on the post-partum side of things.  Usually the search engine pops up with several blogs or forums where other people have posed, and found an answer, to said question.

This time I found out that little B is just frustrated.

And well, that's pretty dang frustrating for me.  I'm not sure what sort of answer I was looking for but hearing that she's just frustrated was not one of them.

She sleeps well...still takes two naps...eats like a champ...yet, anytime I walk out of the room, pretend like I'm walking out of the room, eat something different than what she has, try and type on the computer, go to the bathroom, make myself a glass of water...well, you get it...

It's not a cry.  It's not a scream.  It feels like it's much worse than either of those.

At least with a cry or a scream I'm pretty certain I know what's wrong.

Today we were having lunch.  She was having apples, green beans, and tomatoes.  I was having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some bbq chips.  Guess what little B did the whole time I was eating???  Whine and point at my food....I ended up giving her a piece of bread and that tided her over...for about 2 1/2 minutes.

I know she will move past this stage...and if you see us out in public she's the picture of perfection.  So happy and smiley.  So deceiving.  Everyone says to not wish they would grow up so fast, but sometimes I really wish she could tell me what the frustration is all about.  At least then I could fix it!

Well, I smell poop which is a tell-tale sign that B will be waking up from her nap.

Have a great day (and I hope you weren't eating lunch while you read this!)


wesa121 said...

I was eating a strawberry when I got to the poop part. Nice. : ) Shyenne was very whiney at that age, very very very. Once she began to talk (good 3 word sentences) around 18 months she was good to go. I swear she just wanted to TELL us so bad and didn't know how!

Jenny said...

Good info! Thanks for sharing with us on your blog.

Barbara Lineberger said...