March 13, 2012


With the home renovations nearly behind me - a walk-through with the contractor on Thursday, final appliance delivery on Friday, new French doors for the dining room, and a new front door - we will finally be done with projects (for this year, anyway).

I need this to be finished - pronto. This being my first project of this magnitude, I have learned quite a bit...not just about electricians and cabinet makers...but also about myself. It seems when my life gets really wackadoodle (in addition to the home stuff, we've had ALOT going on with the business...and let me not forget to mention that Brenna and I both fought off a stomach bug through this whole thing) any rate - wackadoodle life equals a state of paralysis for me. I have been completely amazed at my ability to do nothing over the last two to three weeks. It's like I don't know where to start, so I just won't start at all. I don't know, but I'm thinking that might be the sign of some serious OCD going on.

So, I need my house back so I can begin to get my life back in order. And Troy and Brenna need to eat....and wear clean I've got to find some ability to get it together - I envision Cher doing this to me....maybe that would get me moving.

And my lack of doing anything doesn't just stop with also transcends over to my exercise routine. I think I am the only person who can get up at 4:45am and not go to the gym because I feel paralyzed by the mess I have to pass on the way to the door. I'm so crazy that I don't even go back to sleep....I stay up...lying in bed...thinking about the mess. Really people, I think I probably need a 12-step program for this issue.

I've been to CrossFit a couple of times...I haven't run since...oh...mid-January (I guess I can't blame the project on that)...the only thing I have been diligent about everyday is making myself do lunges and pushups and reading the Bible. I would think dinner for my family would be more important than at least one of those things....

While I am thoroughly enjoying the openness of my new kitchen...the new tile in our hall bath...and cabinets that don't totally gross me out...I am ready to get my routine back. I need my routine as much as it needs me...and well, Troy would probably like to have a lunch packed again this year....

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Anne said...

I think once the chaos from the home renovations are behind you, a little bit of routine and sanity will be restored. Habits are much easier to break than people think, especially when they require real work.