January 16, 2012


So, I lasted about 10 days.

I rolled off the wagon, down four flights of stairs, and across into an abyss of chocolate covered cookies, hershey kiss pretzel m&m thingys, candied pecans, chocolate cake, ice cream, and.....

That's where this blog post ends...and I go eat the rest of those pretzel m&m thingys in the kitchen.

I just discovered that one cute little 13 month old hit the "turn off wireless" button on my laptop while I was typing this really long and eloquent post. And I lost everything except those first two lines.

So, I'm off the wagon. I'm frustrated. And I'm going to find some chocolate.

In the meantime, who wants to come over and show my toddler that since she's got $12,000 worth of toys in our living room, she does NOT need to play with my computer????


Char said...

Kids are so computer-savvy at such a young age these days.


Don't worry you will get back on track when your ready. :) Maybe if your not ready to cut out sugar completely you could just cut back. Sometimes when I cut out something completely I feel deprived. :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i hear ya!!! it seems like each time i try to go sugar free i end up swinging back hard core the other way eventually. i'm working to simply find a solid middle ground

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