August 12, 2011


It's become quite a comedy around here...this marathon training and all...if you want to call it that.

Well, what do you call it when the marathon is in 3 months and it's been almost 2 weeks since you've run? Is that still called training? Or is it called a death wish? 26.2 miles all in one day...I think that was about what I ran all of last month.

I should have let Karate Girl write this blog post...she's a queen of showing up to run a marathon on little or no training. I think the "little or no training" is actually part of her training program. And it works...she finishes every time.

For me, though? I know exactly what my problem is. I know I will be running this entire thing with my brother...I also know what pace we will be running it at...and I know that I can do that on little or no training. I think that's what most people call "being a slacker." I have never been a slacker in my entire life...and I really think trying to run 26.2 miles slightly under prepared is not the time to start seeing what it feels like to be a slacker.

On the other hand, I tell myself (often) to give me a break. Like I said, I've never slacked on anything in my life...but I have convinced myself that this running gig is something that I can slack on because 1) I know I can do it regardless of how unprepared I am and 2) I'm sort of enjoying being a renegade - could I possibly be motivated to be a slacker? I mean, Mrs. Straight-laced, do everything the right way, in the order it should be done, with extreme perfection - well, it's a little liberating to think "I haven't run a long run in over 2 weeks...and I don't really care." 3) and please don't kill me on this one...but I've actually lost more weight in the last two weeks then I have all summer (and it's real live fat, not muscle)...really - could the key to losing weight be to just not run at all? That's doubtful and I'm sure you coaches out there will have a reasonable explanation for the weight loss sans exercise - but for me? Now? Well, it's almost like having my cake, eating it, not exercising, AND not feeling guilty about it. If that's not motivation to not run...well, then I don't know what is.

Maybe I just needed a break...another really long break. Or maybe I need a new sport. For all the running that I don't do, I truly do love it. There is nothing finer then a good long run...sweat drenched...legs aching...a big glass of chocolate milk...really, there are few things that are better. So, I know - thinking about how much I do enjoy it - that I'll get those running legs back one of these days. If not today, certainly by November 7 when I'll be forced to put on my happy face and just run.

REVIEW: FlashBrite Reflective Stick-On Patches - It's all about Safety

I was recently contacted by John from FlashBrite Reflective Patches about doing a product review. Since I haven't really been running much, much less in the dark, I decided to give the product to Stacy - the Director of Ops at our business. The reason she works for us (besides being so awesome) is that she gets up at 4am most mornings to get her run in. She's a machine. A machine I wish I was any rate, she kindly took the request and began wearing the patches on her reflective vest/gun holster (I just added that last part in - because don't want to mess with Stacy on her morning run). She wore them for a month or so on her reflective vest and really liked them. Said that they worked very well when she encountered oncoming traffic - and that they worked better than her vest. They truly were visible from 1000 feet away, as their website indicated. Unfortunately, they washed off when she washed the vest - but at a retail price of $3.99 (she sampled the dog prints patches) - it would be worth it to purchase a new set every month. Your safety is worth $50 a year, right?? Check out their website or their blog at

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Firefly's Running said...

No worries! Just get out and just get the long runs done each week. That's the important part of the training. You can do it!