August 01, 2011


Life has changed quite a bit since the little munchkin arrived. Most everybody said it would, but no one could have prepared me for the sheer magnitude of change coming my way.

Did I ever mention that I hate change?

Oh well, life has been GREAT the last 8 months. And a little rocky. I've been trying to figure out what I'm doing, when I'm supposed to do it, and how it's going to get done...for the last 8's tiring just thinking about all the thinking I've been doing.

A few things that haven't been getting done: blogging, running, showing up at races, cleaning my house, spending time with my husband without talking about A) work or B) how I can't get anything done.

A few things that have been getting done: teaching a cute little baby how to eat, speak, roll over, crawl (that one hasn't happened yet), be a good citizen, and how to smile at everyone she meets; jogging (which is different then running); changing poopy diapers; and on occasion, making sure my husband has breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner.

I've finally decided that I'm not super-woman...despite what I've led you to believe...I just can't do it all...and do it all to my high standards. And I'm willing to compromise on doing things, but not willing to compromise doing them all the way, and right, on the first try.

So, what I have I done to become less Super-Womanish?

I hired a cleaning service. As I type I can smell the fresh, fresh scent of a clean house wafting it's way to the basement. I love to clean, don't get me wrong, but if I can't do it all - the right way - then I'd just assume farm it out to someone who wants to get paid to do it the right way.

I emailed the Track Club and told them I didn't want to be the Treasurer anymore after this year. I've already received one email pleading with me to change my mind. I figured that would happen...I'm just that good...okay, maybe not that "good"...maybe more like "no one else wants the job." Which is funny to me because honestly, it's the easiest job in the world (and I'm not just saying that because I want a replacement.) I mean, really, it's writing checks - making deposits - and entering it all into Quickbooks. There are the budgets, but they are just based on the prior year, so really it's just plugging numbers in on a spreadsheet. The most time consuming task is the annual tax return...again, just plugging numbers. So, that was my sales pitch. I hope it works on someone because after three years of doing this, I'm ready to move on!

I've decided to stop worrying about how many miles I rack up this year, how fast (0r slow) I run, and how many races I attend. I just don't care about all of that anymore (I know...gasp!). I'm having fun training for this marathon with my brother. It will be his first and it's exciting to see him excited about it. I remember that excitement for the first marathon like it was yesterday. I wish every race felt like that! Unfortunately, I'm not able to keep up with our rigorous training schedule. Some days Brenna will nap and I can get a run in, and others...well, it just doesn't happen. I'm tired of beating myself up about it and just run when I can, at the pace that feels comfortable, and just enjoy the run.

I thought about giving up this blog. And I'm not totally over the fence on that one. Seeing as how I'm not participating with Team POD anymore, how I'm not really running anything extraordinary, and how I just really could care less for having a competitive spirit...well, all of that leaves little to blog about.

Our business is busy - we hired two new people just last week. That's a great thing...but we are still busy and the business will always be time consuming - that's the nature of working for yourself. And I'm totally okay with that. I like to work hard. There is nothing in that arena that I want to, or need to, give up.

I'm just ready to move on to new things in my life...with my family...making lasting memories by spending quality time together...all three of us...I'm ready to stop making every day so dang busy. I guess, for lack of a less cheesy term, I'm happy that this is an end of one era of my life!


Teamarcia said...

Hey priorities change and you are wise to pick your battles so to speak and focus on what matters most.

Lesley said...

Wow, lots of great things going on in your life! It's natural, and a good thing, to reassess and decide what's important!

Whatever you decide about blogging, I hope you'll leave the blog up. It's a great historical record of these years of your life. And who knows, maybe you'll get back to it! I've really enjoyed following your journey. :-)

Enjoy your family, business, and other endeavors!

jeff said...

life is about seasons. you guys have entered into a new one and leaving those old seasons behind is perfectly acceptable. one of the biggest things i had to learn was living in the moments with my son rather than being distracted by all the other pulls on my thoughts and time. it is really freeing when you realize that it is okay to let some of those other plans, goals and responsibilities go and in trade receive the joy of raising up a child.

jeff said...

oh, but whatever you do, don't stop blogging. ;)

Firefly's Running said...

Priorities do change and that's okay. Just don't give up the blog.

Char said...

You're doing exactly the right thing. All those races will be there when you're ready to come back and there will be lots of volunteer positions to fill. Especially when your baby goes to school. Enjoy this time because it goes by so quickly.

Anonymous said...

When Kara Goucher can make a comeback.You can too !Looking forward to see you in the top list during the races

William said...

A former high school sprinter, I started 5k training in '08. 5ks were what everyone seemed to be running. I busted my butt to get my race times down to the mid 19s at age 48, which actually won some age group races. My knee started breaking down (articular cartilage) and I stopped training the 25-30 miles a week.

This year, I started doing what I love and it has changed my life. I am a masters track sprinter 400/200/100 and it has been SOOO much better for my body than the grinding long distance running. Sprinting workouts are actually far less mileage and low impact compared with 5k / 10k training. Sprinting is a 'whole body' event that requires very intelligent preparation and training.. and it involves upper body as well. In my first season at age 51, I was able to run a 55.54 400m. I hope to improve next season as I missed a medal at the Nationals by .05 in the 200m ... excruciating!

As Bill Collins said, "Why run far when you can run fast." I'd encourage all discouraged 5k road runners to try Masters Track. Not everyone can sprint but a 800s and 1500s may be an option.

Robin said...

I too am a mother of 2 (a 15 yr old and a 3 yr old) and find that my running is my alone time. To me it doesn't matter whether I'm running 2 miles or 10 miles, either way it's just my time away. Sometimes I put my daughter in the running stroller and she takes a nap and I run. Peaceful. Pure enjoyment.