May 13, 2011


My, my how time flies….I’m five months into this Mommy-gig and I still haven’t gotten it together (note: while I’m very aware that it might take me 18 years to get into a routine, I’m going to be in denial about that for as long as I can get away with it.)

I keep telling myself that I will get it together once I get my priorities straight and shed some things from my to-do list. When I think about shedding those “to-dos”, sadly, my blog always seems to be on the chopping block. I tell myself “why bother? No one wants to keep up with someone who is only blogging – at best – once a month!” And then…then…I run into some random person…some person who I would never ever begin to think that they read my blog…and they say it…”I just love reading your blog!” Or, even better, when I get friended by some celebrity (to me) on Facebook…and I know…the only way she found me was through my blog….well, peeps, that’s when I realize blogging has got to become a priority again…right there under “change Brenna’s diapers.”

Well, maybe not that high on the priority list….

When I was planning my post-baby weight loss schedule (you know there is one, right???) I decided running a marathon would be the PERFECT way to get my body back. I had a couple of people (okay, maybe one…maybe KURT) tell me that it might not be possible to get all those miles in and take care of a baby. I thought to myself “he obviously doesn’t know me that well!” I mean, really? I’ve got a great, athletic husband who is completely supportive of my running endevours…I’ve got a great group of friends who are lining up to push the stroller for me…and I’ve got DISCPLINE. Who does he think he’s talking to????

Well, Kurt – you obviously know me better than I know myself. Because, guess what? Regardless of having this fabulously organized life, I still haven’t been able to make a 90 minute run happen.

I’ve realized pretty quickly that Brenna’s threshold for being in the stroller is about an hour. I’ve also realized that my ability to push the stroller (and still maintain something less than a “hunch-back” form) lasts for about 45 minutes. I could run at 5am before Brenna gets up but then there’s that whole safety factor (and all those people lining up to push the stroller are NOT lining up to run with me at 5am). I could run on the treadmill in the basement…but…oh my…I’d rather have my toenails surgically removed with no anesthia then to run on that thing for longer than an hour.

What to do…what to do.

Well, first I’m going to celebrate the fact that while my body is not necessarily shaped like it was pre-Brenna, I am officially at my preggo-starting weight* CELEBRATE!!!! It took me exactly 5 months. And I didn’t have to run a marathon to do it. (*I gained five pounds after coming off of half-marathon training in late 2009, so I really started the preggo business at a +5 on my normal and comfortable weight…and that +5 has to go along with the rest of the baby fat.)

So, while I didn’t have to run a full marathon to do it, I DID have to run consistently and start a regular regimen of Pain of Cain (PoC). Actually, once I started running “regularly” and got back into regular PoC, I shed four pounds in five days. Yeah, I know…don’t hate me because my body responds to sweat and hardwork.

At any rate, I am really going somewhere with all of this (if you haven’t already figured it out by now). Since I realized that I CAN lose the weight and get into shape WITHOUT running another marathon…well, I’m bailing on the full marathon in November. I know. I know. I was supposed to be some sort of role model for other would-be marathoners…and I’m not saying I won’t ever run another one again. I think I’ll just wait until Brenna gets in school and I will have a little bit more “me” time. I feel really bad for all those people I convinced, coerced,, who decided a marathon was an attainable goal for them and that I may or may not have said I’d run with them. But, when they cross the finish line I WILL be there to cheer them on because I’m not bailing on the whole thing…oh no…my obsessive compulsive disorder wouldn’t let me throw the entire thing out the window…so, instead I’ll be running “just the half”. All 13.1 miles of it. And because Team POD doesn’t do anything lightly, I’m planning on a big PR. Like shaving whole minutes off of my previous time of 1 hour 54 minutes.

So, there you have it…getting my priorities straight…realizing my limits…and backing out of unreasonable goals I’ve set for myself.

Now, if I could only figure out how to back out of the things I must do, but don’t really want to…like laundry…changing poopy diapers…putting gas in my car….well, then I’d be in business!


Firefly's Running said...

The last 5 lbs are the toughest. But you can do it!

Wanda said...

It is great that you have made such progress. I can't say that for myself and I think I might have to go with a coolsculpting treatment.