March 10, 2011


I'm never going to get back to this regular blogging do you people do it ALL?????

Well, aside from my inability to find any sort of routine in this new life, I have been running...inconsistently...but running nonetheless. Let me rephrase that...I've been doing more of jog-half-walk-sometimes-bolting-into-a-sprint-only-to-realize-that-I'm-really-out-shape sort of running. But, as my waist can attest, the little bit that I'm doing is working.

I finally found a jog stroller that I like...that I like enough to jog with a 2 month old anyway. Don't even get me started on how many there are to choose from, which features are handy and useful, and which features are just really lame (really? four cup holders on a jog stroller?). At any rate, I settled on a Baby Trend mainly because it has an infant carrier insert that Brenna can sit in until she's big enough to not slip out of the bottom...and well, in case she hasn't figured it out yet, she's probably not going to be a really big baby. Ever.

With new jog stroller in hand I began going to the track or the River Walk a couple of days a week. Brenna loves it. She gets to experience fresh air, look at the sky, and as far as she can tell - Mommy can run fast.

It didn't take me long to decide to enter a road race. I mean, heck, the last race I entered it took me almost 50 minutes to waddle my way to the finish line. Surely, I could finish this one faster than that....and I'd get props for pushing that stroller, right? So, with my common sense flush in my back pocket, I decided to run the Al Toll Memorial 5k.

I just forgot to tell myself about this big hill....

(Thanks Jacqueline Hunsicker)

Yeah, I know...I'm an idiot sometimes. But, since I had already started the race when I remembered that I would be pushing a 15lb stroller and an 11lb kid up that hill, I couldn't turn around. Well, actually, the thought did cross my mind...who would have the audacity to say something to the new Mom who bit off more than she could chew?

Oh, RC...yeah, he would totally have the audacity to say something to me.

So, on I pressed. My goal (at the beginning) was to maintain a 165 heart rate. Quickly I realized that it would be 5pm before I finished at that rate, so I said "screw the heart rate" and just ran...err jogged...err walked alot.

The important thing? I finished. If there was a stroller division (and I'm totally an advocate of adding this to EVERY race), I would have been first. And if I had of run 1 minute faster, we would have gotten 3rd for my age group. Bummer.

Time? A sweeping 37:08. Yeah, I know. Give me a break.


jeff said...

industrial size germ-x ftw!

glad you like the babytrends. we had one of those for day to day use and smsmh loved running with it.

give it some time...after a few months, you'll settle into a routine. at which point her schedule will completely change and you'll have to start from square one again. it's a wonderful journey!

Amber said...

If you are in my age group, I appreciate you running slow for a change. I won the only award I've ever gotten. ;)

Don't worry, you will be back where you used to be in no time.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to find your blog. I'm a new mom who lives in Macon. My son is 4 months old and I'm trying to figure out how to get back in shape! My goal is to run the Peachtree Road Race in July (if I get a number). I've been struggling with which baby jogger to purchase. Do you really love your baby trend? Any other suggestions?