March 14, 2011


How come when you talk about "baby fat" on an infant it's cute and cuddly and super-sweet, but when it's in reference to the post-baby pudge I'm carrying around it's suddenly gross and unflattering? Making "baby fat" cute on an there's a task.

On the subject of post-baby pudge, I'd like to publicly cuss Bethany Frankel. Love her show...really, I do...but it's when I find out that my dear husband was watching an episode yesterday...and it just happens to be the episode where she's parading around in her bra and some jeans...and then he has the NERVE to say "wow, I was watching this show earlier and she was chest-bumping some girl in her bra...and did you know that she just had a baby too? And did you know that she doesn't look like she just had a baby? Actually, she doesn't look like she could have ever been pregnant?"

*Side note: Troy might not have said that word-for-word, but you get my point. I get in trouble for "exaggerating" but I can assure you he DID say she looked like she had never been pregnant at all. I assure you.

At any rate, it took everything I had to not haul off and hit him. He should be thankful that he went to cut the grass and gave me a good two hours to cool off...on the treadmill...for five miles.

*Another side note: it doesn't take me two hours to run five miles...geez, give me some credit - I'm not that slow! I changed baby, fed baby, and gave her her pacifier 47 times in the process.

So, this whole "Bethany looks like she's never had a baby" thing has really got me thinking. How did she do it in such a short amount of time? Did she workout 8 hours a day and starve herself in the mix? She's been quoted in the media as "eating in moderation" other words, she says she has her cakes and french fries and lattes, and eats them too. But how can you get so dang skinny and still eat that crap???? I just can't figure it out...and it's driving me bananas.

I have to be honest: I'm not complaining. I've dropped 33 pounds in three months. And I've not really "given it my all" in the diet and exercise department. Truthfully, if I had of only gained the "recommended 25-35 pounds" I'd be a lot closer to my goal weight...but then I wouldn't have been able to sample every type of cupcake Fountain of Juice makes, now would I?

But I'm just curious - how did Bethany do it?

I know I've not got much more to go. Again, not complaining here...just an observation from a post-partum Mommy who REFUSES to spend another dime on clothing that may be one or two sizes bigger then everything I already own.


jeff said...

thank god for no tv/cable in our house. co-workers would be asking what happened to my eye and i'd have to make something up about falling down the stairs....again.

oh, and thanks for clarifying about the five miles on the treadmill. my first thought was, "it took her two hours to run five miles?" haha

Thomas Bussiere said...

Love the pic of you and Brenna at the 5K. It doesn't matter how long it takes to finish, you did finish, and now gave a wonderful memory pic for Brenna to cherish later. And she won't have to wonder why she's a runner also!
Enjoy this time and don't give Bethany control over your emotions. You are perfect being you. You will never be perfect being someone else.

ajh said...

Another cupcake lover! Sounds iike you are doing great. 33 pounds gone is no small change.

Char said...

It takes 9 months to get out of shape and about the same to get back to where you were. I had 3 and even once I got back to my regular weight it did take a bit more time to get back to my normal shape. You're doing well!

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

Most celebs have professional and personal trainers, or they have tummy-tucks etc.