February 02, 2011


- Graco: for making a monitor that enables me to be in the basement on the treadmill while Brenna is fast asleep two stories up.
- Troy: for giving me some of his old running shorts that were too small for him, but conveniently fit my rather large rear end.
- Amanda and Rex: for convincing me that I would really really really be glad that I had a treadmill once the baby got here.
- VH1: for actually playing music videos in the morning...despite the fact that I hadn't heard of any of the bands playing.
- Dick's Sporting Goods: for selling Troy the floor model treadmill...which meant he got a good deal...which meant he was very happy.
- Brenna: for getting on a normal schedule - 10am to 5am - and then going right back to sleep after her 5am feeding, which gave me enough time to run three miles AND take a shower.

Yes, you read that last part correctly...I finally...after what feels like an eternity...ran three whole miles without stopping. As a matter of fact, I actually sped up jogging at a brisk 10 minute pace by the time it was all said and done. Yeah, I's baby steps steps.

I started running the very day my doctor released me to "do whatever my little heart desired." That was two weeks ago this Thursday. So far, I've logged 25 miles since I've been back...although they all were part run - part walk. Until today, that is....

The first day was miserable. Ironically, it wasn't my lungs (or my incision area - surprisingly I haven't felt an ounce of pain or even discomfort there), it was these legs that feel like bricks. It was awful. I think I would have felt better crawling. But, because I'm hard headed...I trudged on. The second day, I had company to run with (thanks Marcus!), and while he never said anything, I think he too was surprised at how out of shape I was. I could barely jog a half mile before I'd have to stop and walk. And from there, I've just kept at it. Re-learning how to turn these heavy heavy legs over...knowing that eventually they will be back in shape and this will all just be a short nightmare.

At my heaviest I was carrying around 45 extra pounds. Right now, I've got 11 more to go before I'm back to my pre-Brenna weight. Every day I see my body changing....some parts morphing back to what they I know why plastic surgery is so popular! I'm ready to see that magic number on the scale...but more importantly, I'm ready to see that magic number on my Garmin...the one that says I just PR'ed on a 5k...or the one that says I just ran 12 miles...or the one that says that my heart is not in fact over 180....

I am pleased with my progress. I really hadn't expected to be able to run three solid miles for several more weeks! I've got a little ways to go...I didn't lose this fitness overnight and I certainly don't expect to gain it back in one short day.

Welcome back Grasshopper! Welcome back!

(My mom taught her how to suck her thumb this morning! Given the fact that she wakes herself up by spitting her pacifier out, I'm totally okay with her learning how to suck her thumb!)


Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on getting your first post-partum runs in. The weight will come off. It does take time.

Anne said...

Sounds like everything is going beautifully in your newly expanded household. And how cute is that little thumbsucker!

Sam Martinez said...

Welcome Back indeed. Get the front end and breaks checked out on Brenna's wheels and get ready to introduce her to the world of Joy Riding with Momma.

Jennifer said...

Way to go! You've inspired me to pick up the pace on my walks and see what happens. Keep it up girl! You'll be running that marathon before you know it!

Petite Aiguille said...

Beautiful child !