December 09, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA for a while...I've realized that I'm only a good blogger when I'm running. Thank goodness I'll be back to running in 6 weeks!

Tomorrow we have a scheduled c-section. That's a slight departure from our original plan of 100% natural childbirth. I mean, really, Troy and I have spent many many hours in classes, reading books, and practicing exercises for natural childbirth....only to be notified yesterday that I need to be induced because of the complications of NAIT. It's a really long story and I still feel like punching the perinatologist in the mouth, so I'll wait until next week to tell the whole story.

Sometime before lunch tomorrow we will officially become parents of Brenna NMI Tarpley.

And yes, sometime before lunch tomorrow we will officially decide on a middle name.

Until next time....


Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Amy!

Char said...

Good luck with it all. I hope the person who stitches you up has very neat sutures.

GeorgiaSnail said...

By the time I read this, you should have had a new addition to the family! Congrats!