October 13, 2010


I have no idea how that woman on TV has had the desire to be pregnant 19 times. It boggles me that it doesn't bother her that 19 times in her life she hasn't been able to put socks on correctly, tie her shoes, pick up a fork she dropped on the floor, dust the baseboards, or push a grocery cart without her belly constantly bumping into the handles. Oh wait...she's got 19 kids to do all of that stuff for her...maybe she is smarter than me!

At any rate, while I'd like Brenna to stay in there and cook for 9 more weeks, I can't lie...being pregnant is getting old. People keep telling me that they "LOVED" being pregnant - and I just keep looking at them like they've got a third eye. Back pain, a certain someone having the hiccups for 30 minutes on end (yes, it feels as weird as it sounds), lack of sleep, weird dreams, not being able to bend over, not being able to touch my toes (although I can still see them!), having to wear not-so-cute clothes all the time...well, it just gets to be a drag after about 30 weeks. And I still have 9 more to go...and I hear it gets worse (of course that was from the same mom's who gushed about how much they "loved" [insert high pitched voice] being pregnant.)

And I miss running. Actually, I miss exercise period. I don't have much energy these days and 20 minutes on the treadmill seems like an eternity at a 20 minute pace. I'm tired of being slow. I want to walk fast, run fast, and be able to do a squat without wondering if I'm going to be able to get back up. I'm trying to do something every day...whether it's walking, stretches, or lifting light weights. And yet, my body continues to morph into this land of cellulite...why didn't anyone warn me that this was going to happen??? I will have to say that I am happy that (so far) I've been able to thwart the double chin and the cankles...but I know they are coming. I told Troy that last night. I thought he was going to pee on himself every time I said "cankle." I'm not sure if it was the sight of his wife with puffy toes and no bones showing her in my feet, or if it was the fact that I was eating chocolate cake while I was telling him all of this.

Now don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed walking by a full-length mirror and catching a glimpse of my protruding belly and thinking "wow, I can't believe we were able to do this." I do love the fact that there is one cute little girl cooking in there. I do love the fact that she moves around ALOT and has the hiccups ALOT...both are supposed to be good signs of healthy growth. And I do love the fact that I can now decipher between a head, a rear end, a foot, and a back bone. Being pregnant, as annoying as it may be sometimes, is amazing. And I wouldn't change it.

I tell people all the time "I have nothing to complain about, but I find alot to complain about." It's the truth. I've no sickness, a few headaches, some back pain, and no swelling. While I've had to deal with that crazy genetic stuff, so far it's all come back good (2 more tests to go!). So, really, in the scheme of things, I'll take crooked socks (it's the only way I can get them on) over being sick or in alot of pain.

We took our first birthing classes Monday night - it was an ironic way to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary, but interesting nonetheless. We learned about the stages of labor and Troy had ALOT of questions...mostly humorous, because that's how he rolls (I hope Brenna gets his sense of humor). I'm doing the natural childbirth route and before you tell me how painful and awful your labor was, I'll kindly ask you to save it for someone who definitely wants to go the epidural route. I've had alot of people look at me (or tell me) that I'm crazy for doing it. Why would I put myself through so much pain when I don't have to. My answer: "because I can." I've never been much of a medicine taker. I'll tough out a headache for days before I pop a tylenol. I don't take cold medicine unless I can't get out of bed. I've never taken a flu shot (until they required that I do it this year). Heck, I don't even like to swallow pills. And I just think "why would I bring Brenna into this world medicated (because she gets everything I get), when I don't even like medicating myself?" It's my first official act of putting this baby girl before me and my wants or desires. We are going through classes this month to prepare us for what lies ahead, and I spend about one hour a day reviewing books, listening to lectures, and prepping myself for how I'm going to handle each stage of labor. It's really like preparing for my first marathon. I have no idea if my plan will work, but I know my plan will get me to the end. I've got a GREAT coach (Troy) and plenty of willingness to learn everything I can between now and December 16 (or whenever she decides to get her). Because of that, I know I will be successful.


Lauren said...

Natural labor is really not bad at all until the bitter end, but then it is almost done. I'd do it again in a second.

Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there. The time will go fast. Enjoy your time together alone.

Kat said...

She'll be here before you know it! I didn't have an epidural either, it's not bad at all. If I ever had another one I would do it the same way. Hope everything keeps going well for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I went as natural as I could. I walked and walked till about two hours before Aimee was born then I opted for some Demoral to take the edge off. Got mad after they gave it to me cause they made me get in the bed when walking was feeling better. However, contractions were back to back, so the Demoral only allowed me to shut down briefly and recover before the next contraction came. Yes, it was briefly painful but I'm so glad that's all I had. Aimee turned 22 last month! Wow! Love your blog..I too gained 35 pounds and marveled at the fact the way my body changed. Breanna will be here before you know it. You're gonna be a good mom!

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miss petite america said...

amy! it's been so long since i've been 'round your blog but i was just thinking right before i clicked to it, i wonder if they've had a baby yet and lo and behold! congrats!