September 23, 2010


This week I'm brave enough to post pictures of the protrusion we call "Brenna", for the whole world to see (the other 500 of you on my Facebook have already been poking your eyes out with toothpicks to get away from my bare belly pics) any rate, I'm braving this new world of impending motherhood and showing you pictures of my wide, white belly. I should have gotten some sun before I got pregnant. That's all I need to say about that.

I'm migrating into 29 weeks this week and still feeling great. Just ridiculous sleepiness at 3pm and ridiculous restlessness at 3am. Can't wait until I actually have something to do at 3am!

Saturday morning I watched two episodes of Jersey Shore at 3am, and then on Sunday I felt so guilty for watching that crap that I watched two episodes of Three's Company while I walked on the 4am. I forgot how funny Jack, Janet, Mr. Roper, Larry and Chrissy were (even though one of the episodes was where Cindy showed up to take Chrissy's place). Anyway, it was a great way to pass the time and I got some exercise to boot.

Her room is almost ready. My husband, the perfectionist, insists on 47 coats of paint on everything. There will be NO brush marks in his painting jobs! Honestly, I'm glad he's that concerned because if it were me I would have put a coat of Kilz on everything and called it the "white wash" look. Her room is looking great. A few more touches and it will be ready for her...or ready for me...because, really, is she ever going to know what her nursery looked like?

I'm really just ready for her to get here. I'm way too impatient. I've enjoyed being pregnant, but I'm really ready to get this show on the road...ready to start my new life...ready to stop stressing about things that don't matter (I don't know for a fact that I'll stop stressing about stupid things but I've been told by every mom I know that my priorities will definitely change -and I'm ready for that!)

And really, I'm ready to get back to running. I ran on the treadmill last week just to see what it was like. And it was EXACTLY as I had remembered...just much much slower. Of course, I ended up with some weird belly pain by the end of the day so I decided that I wouldn't let myself run again until after she gets here. No sense in putting either of us at risk because I'm feeling selfish. But, that doesn't stop me from thinking about it each and every day....or getting up from the sofa when I see a runner blazing past our house.

It doesn't help at all that I'm just getting wider and wider and there's really nothing I can do about it. My midwife told me last week that she figured I'd gain more weight than I wanted because my amount of physical activity has decreased so much. I'm still walking, lifting weights, etc but, in my opinion, nothing compares to running 40 miles a week...nothing.

So, without further ado - my big, white belly......


Firefly's Running said...

You look awesome!

Laura Lohr | My Beautiful Life said...

You look adorable!

You'll be back to running again in no time. Enjoy these next 10-ish weeks and don't worry about getting wider or the weight gain. That takes care of itself. Promise. :)

five fingers said...

Congrats in advance...