July 16, 2010


In an effort to keep some sort of physical fitness during this pregnancy, I finally took the plunge and decided to swim. In a lap pool. Right next to three people who obviously knew what they were doing.


Not so much.

My initial thoughts with swimming were "just do the breast stroke. EVERYONE can do the breast stroke. Besides, it'd be good exercise for strengthening all of that stuff below the belt that I hear needs to be strengthened before giving birth."

Those were my initial thoughts. I even went to the sporting goods store and purchased goggles because I knew I'd need them to do the BREAST STROKE.

What I did not know was that I had forgotten how to dip my head underwater, kick my legs out like a frog, bring my head back up, and move my arms in a circular motion. Actually, I remembered all of that except the part on how to BREATH on the way up.

I got half way through the first lap and realized that I had been holding my breath the entire time. I'm sure it had been a solid minute since I had last taken a breath (sorry about that Little Tarpley)...seriously, I was oxygen deprived on a whole new level. And by that point, I was in the deep end, not able to stand, sort of panicking, sort of wondering that if I started to drown would that nice lifeguard (who looked to be cleaning her newly pierced belly button) be able to save me, would she even notice me falling to the bottom...and then I remembered thatI was on an end lap.

Note to self: always get an end lap.

So, I felt defeated...I felt like an idiot...I felt like screaming "how did I forget how to swim???" And then I remembered those times back in my early running days...when I didn't know what dri-fit was, or tempos, or what an easy pace was, or why I shouldn't be running in shoes I bought from Dillards...yeah, those days when I was totally clueless about running...and I decided that if I could wing it back then, I surely could wing it now.

And so I began to do a modified breast stroke. I've got the arm and leg movements's the putting my head underwater thing that I just really couldn't do. So, I swam another 11 laps with my head completely above the water. And then for good measure, I treaded water for another 5 minutes. I'm not sure if there was any working out in that workout, but I felt good for actually doing something and for once (in the last 5 months), I wasn't hot while I was doing it.

I'm sure those nice ladies in the other lanes felt sorry for me. One of them even invited me to her 50 and over water aerobics class. I'm not sure if I should feel flattered by the offer, or humiliated by it.

I came home and told Troy and he just looked at me with this face that confirmed: yes, I'm an idiot. At 34 years old, I should know how to put my head under the water and swim. ESPECIALLY since I was once on a swim team.

I will be so glad when this baby vacates my body and I can resume running again.

In Baby News:

- We will finally find out if Little Tarpley is a boy or a girl next Wednesday. We initially decided against it, but then I didn't realize how difficult it would be to pick out names. I will be happy when I can just eliminate 50% of the choices.

- I can feel that little rugrat moving around now. Thanks to the high fiber cereal that I eat, I have been able to positively decipher between baby movement and gas. I promise.

- We meet with a high risk doc on Wednesday. I'm not necessarily "high risk" but my sister's son had a genetic blood disorder that they have to rule out on me and Little Tarpley. No big deal but it would just eliminate a week long trip to the neonatal intensive care unit if we nip it in the bud now.

- I'm 19 weeks now and people still don't know I'm pregnant. I guess everyone who doesn't know yet thinks Troy forked over some big bucks for augmentation and that I'm carrying a little extra junk in my trunk. I've gained 12 pounds in 19 weeks and I am still baffled when I tell people I'm preggers, touch my belly (that I think looks very pregnant), and they looked all shocked and amazed. I'm baffled people. Just baffled. I just want someone to ask me "are you pregnant or did you just gain a ton of weight recently?" Really. At least then I can set them straight.

- I've started letting Little Tarpley listen to an hour of Andrea Bocelli everyday. I really need to download some other selections to my ipod, but in a weird way I'm hoping it will help him/her either be a really good opera singer, or be really good at speaking Italian. Speaking of Andrea Bocelli, I'm sort of miffed with the fact that his only American tour this year will be the week I'm supposed to be giving birth...At any rate, while LT is listening to Con Te PartirĂ², I'm constantly looking down at my ipod to make sure it doesn't skip over to my "Tempo Run" know the one with Eminem, Missy Elliott, 50 Cent and the's a little early to be letting LT listen to gansta rap.

So that's it...another week in a nutshell. Have a great weekend!


Char said...

It's so exciting that you're feeling the baby move. It's this special little moment that only you get to share with your child. And you're almost halfway there. Good luck with the testing.

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

I loved reading your update for so many reasons. The first one was selfish, because I have been re-learning the fine art of swimming, and secondly, I have been wondering how your pregnancy has been progressing.

I think I hit the 21st week before I "popped." Until then, I just looked like I had gained a bit of weight. I plumped up everywhere, except for my belly the first 20 weeks.

I am so excited for you! Cannot wait to find out if it is a girl Tarpley, or a boy Tarpley. (My prediction is Team Pink)