June 26, 2010

15 Wks 2 days

Today I had my first prenatal massage. It was dark and quiet and everything smelled good. Those are three things that I've missed the last few weeks...especially the quiet part. At any rate, the massage was a little piece of heaven that I promise not to skimp out on over the next 25 weeks. I even learned that by putting a pillow between my legs, I CAN lie on my left side and not be uncomfortable!

The massage therapist did uncover some issues...mostly issues that are caused by running. Not that running is bad. But running for a long time and then all of a sudden stopping running...and getting pregnant...well, that combination is wreaking havoc on this little body of mine. I'm having the beginnings of what she thinks is going to be a sciatica problem on my left side. Why oh why is it always my left side??? She says its from not doing good hip stretching exercises and keeping those hip flexors in good working order (like they were when I was running). I'm also experiencing some serious discomfort at the tops of both of my hip bones (on the back). That too is a cause from running and then not running and not stretching. I can't go back to running...because...well, lets just say that I'm going to have a hard time holding myself up if my chest size keeps increasing at the rate it has. And when you've increased, oh I don't know, like 4 bra sizes in 4 months...well, that makes running difficult. And since my brother and RC both read this blog, that will be all that I discuss on that topic.

I would really like to find a place to swim. I don't know how to swim well, but I can do the breast stroke and I hear that's good for pregnancy. I've emailed a college one mile from my house to see if they have any community memberships available. My mom is alumni so I'm hoping that will help. We'll see. I'm tired of not getting enough quality exercise and right is ridiculously too hot to be outside walking 4 or 5 miles at a time.

I found out today that within the next week Little Baby Tarpley will be forming it's taste buds. I also read that (studies show) what I eat during this pregnancy can influence what will taste good to LBT. So, from this day forward I'm going back to eating healthy. I've spent the last 4 months convincing myself that ice cream for lunch and ice cream for dinner is okay. Well, if I can influence LBT's taste buds to NOT have the sweet tooth that I do..well, then I think my mission as a good mother will be accomplished.

I'm going to get Troy to take some more photos of me tonight. And yes, I'm dreading it. Who knew that my butt would get this big this fast? I've gained about 7 pounds and I swear every bit of it is in my chest and my rear end. For real. And it's awfully depressing to stand in front of the closet every day and wonder "what won't fit me today?" But, it's all for a good cause and I know that in 2011 not only will I be a great mom, but I'll also be securing my rightful place back in those age grouper awards ceremonies (and thus losing all of this baby weight)!

Have a great Saturday!


Char said...

I had some issues with hip/sciatica pain when I was pregnant with my first. I was told it was due to the relaxin hormone which makes all the joints looser in preparation for childbirth. It was always worst when I got out of bed but my Physio fixed my by telling me to wear something tight and supportive around my hips in bed - and voila, no pain!

Stefanie said...

To answer your question, yes the college a mile down the road does have community memberships and we would love to have you! :)

Firefly's Running said...

Two words to help sleeping at night: BODY PILLOW. Get yourself one because it makes a huge difference especially when you get bigger. I still love mine to this day. I really helps me to sleep at night because it helps to take the weight off of my back and added cushioning.

Don't worry about the weight gain during the pregnancy. Just eat healthy and it should come off easily.

Sam said...

You are right on two counts:

1. Swimming is awesome in the summer heat. It is a great way to get exercise for you and LBT.

2. Yes too much bust talk. I'm blushing. If you mention any other changes to the female anatomy during pregnancy I swear I'll walk :)