May 07, 2010


It's really been hard making time for the blog. Well, with the new employee that I'm training, the new business that we are starting next month, the new baby I'm growing inside of me, and the fact that my 4 mile runs have now turned into 4-ish to none-ish mile walks...well, I've just been busy folks!

But, on the baby front - everything looks good. I'm a mere 8 weeks and 3 days. I'll be glad when I'm 13 weeks and 3 days because I hear life is much better in the second trimester. I mean, not that I have a whole lot to complain about: I've had no nausea, no morning sickness, no weird aches and pains, and no weird food cravings (other than not being able to tolerate sugar, which as sad as it is, I guess in the scheme of things laying off the cakes, brownies, and milkshakes isn't such a bad thing after all.) The only two things that have really affected me are the fact that I'm tired all the time and the fact that my heart rate sky rockets to 180 at a 12 minute pace. Oh, and the fact that I feel "thick." Not fat, not bloated, just really really heavy. It's the weirdest feeling and the first one that I'll be glad to see go, come 2011.

But, back to my heart rate. I really thought I was going to run this thing out. I envisioned myself finishing a 5k at 7 months pregnant and nothing short of a 9 minute pace. Really. I thought "if Paula Radcliffe can do it, so can I." That's what I envisioned. Instead, my vision has turned to more of a walk/crawl at a 15 minute pace, and my heart rate is still hovering around 155 at that pace.


I participated in my first pregnant 5k last Saturday. I figured whatever I ran it in would make a pregnant-PR! Last year my time for this race was 24:31. This year.....44:56. Humbling, isn't it? I started out with a light jog at a 12 minute pace and realized 1/4 mile in that I wasn't going to be able to keep that up. It's my heart rate, the humidity and the fact that while I've only gained 2 pounds, I feel like I've gained 200. So, I stopped and walked. The rest of the race. On the plus side, I got to cheer every one of my friends on as they whizzed past me at the turn around. And I made some new friends back there in the back of the pack. And I didn't come in last. But, I did get beat by some girl who was 6 months I consoled myself by reminding myself that come 2011 I'll be able to run faster than her anyway.

Tomorrow I'm going to participate in another 5k. This one will be flat and I'm hoping to try out the run/walk/run method. My brother will be there and will beat me. I think he's pretty excited about the prospect. Actually, I think most of the people in my age group are happy about this turn of events as well.

Everyone tells me one of two things: 1. That they were able to run throughout their entire pregnancy (and just as a side note, when people say that I have to restrain myself from causing them bodily injury) or 2. That I will feel much better and my heart rate will slow down in the second trimester (those people always get hugs from me.)

So, for now the Grasshopper will be doing more walking than running. I'll be okay with that - it's a mental break from training hard - a mental break from running hard - a mental break from racing.

Come to think of it, it's almost like I'm taking one for the Tarpley Team, right? (I like to remind Troy of all the things I'm giving up for this endeavour - running, margaritas, coffee with caffeine in it, ice cream, the luxury of being able to sleep an entire night without having to get up to go to the bathroom, beer, cute clothes...and the list goes on....)

Have a great weekend and if you can't run hard, walk fast!


Kat said...

Amy- No, I didn't revel at all in the fact that I got to toast you in our age group! Lol. It was nice to hear you cheering us on, we appreciated it. See ya Saturday!

Char said...

I was the same as you - no nausea and no weird cravings except I wanted to eat tart things like apples and yoghurt and couldn't cope with anything milky. I ran in my first pregnancy up to 5 months but than high blood pressure intervened. I just figure you go with the flow and do what you can. And yes your energy will return in the middle trimester.

Firefly's Running said...

You don't have to give up wearing cute clothes. There are some really awesome pregnancy clothes out there that I wish they had when I had my two darlings. I craved salt stuff with my son. I then craved sweet stuff with my little princess.

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