March 04, 2010


After this post two days ago, I woke up yesterday feeling rejuvenated and refreshed (as a side note: I'm not sure I've ever used the term "rejuvenated" in my life). I felt like I had control over my little piece of the world. I was just going to take the day as it came, and move on. Get done what I could, and not sweat the rest.

Within 30 minutes of jumping out of bed, I guessed it...making more lists. I needed more shampoo. I needed to remind myself that it was trash day. I needed to grab milk on the way home.

I started to wonder if I needed to be committed.

Sheesh. I couldn't even make it an entire 24 hours without making another list!?!?!

Fortunately, my faithful blog readers came to the rescue and gave me a load of tips and strategies to keep the list making but pare down on the amount of things on the lists.

For example, Anne told me she only gives herself 8 things to do in day. Fantastic idea! I love it. And then I compared it to my Tuesday list...I had 36 things that I was going to accomplish on Tuesday...36 things people.

Who does that?

Again, I'm started to wonder if I need some meds for this madness.

So, mid-day I decided to take some action on the tips from my fearless readers, and just schedule 8 things for the following day. Today. I made running first and foremost on the list because it's the thing that keeps me from really needing to be committed. It's the thing that keeps me sane, keeps me married, and above all, keeps me from getting fat. I was a little nervous about putting it as "Thing #1" and more importantly, I wondered if I'd follow through with a 7am run in 30 degree weather...I don't like early. I don't like cold. The combination of both makes me give up, on most days, before I even give it a try.

But, I did it. I got my carcass out of bed in enough time to do my pre-morning routine (make Troy's lunch, get his schedule together, and get a load of laundry in the washer). And then I headed out. I only ran 3 miles. I just wanted to make sure I could do it and not feel miserable or achy or craptastic. If I came home feeling like I'd just run the easiest run of my life, well then, I knew I'd be up for the challenge tomorrow. So, I did it...but what I didn't expect was that I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't as painful as I had imagined. I was able to run alot faster than I had expected. And never once did I feel like I was sucking wind. I even discovered that two pair of gloves, a beanie hat, and neck to ankles Underarmour was being completely overdressed for the 30 degree occasion.

It's awesome and spectacular and I realized that I don't need some crazy pill to make me less OCD...I just need to run - my drug of choice.

Have a great Thursday!


Katy T said...

Good for you! I need to make my runs number one on my list as well- it's always so easy to move them down the list...hmmm...

Firefly's Running said...

Running is my preferred way to focus and gives me my drive to succeed. It's my drug too. I could not ask for anything else.

Anne said...

I hope the 8 Rule sticks and you find a little liberation from the mammoth lists that have led your life of late.

Amber said...

This is an awesome idea! I think I will make a list tomorrow and put running at the top of it. :)

ajh said...

I'm a list maker but don't think I'm too crazy. I do love crossing things off my lists I must admit. I do like the idea of 8 things. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

With ADD, I've become dependent on lists. Ironically, I never remember to make them, and if I do make them, I never remember where I put them.

However, all the books I've read on the subject say to keep lists small. Have a small list for things that need doing that day, and a larger list for things that need done but not immediately.