February 15, 2010

I'M VENTURING BACK OUT.... little hiatus is over. It was fun sucked while it lasted...

It was nerve-wracking and aggravating and somewhat depressing to know that I can run...physically, I can do it...but mentally...not so much. Big giant note to self: next winter don't take any time's too dang hard to get back into it!

But, that's the past and now I'm moving on. I got an email from RC this morning that said Team POD needs like Super Woman to her cape, I am putting my shoes back on and heading out for a real live track work out....filled with speed, and pain, and oh, alot of fun...

Bring it on.

Troy and I visited some family this weekend in NC. Saturday morning we were driving down a street and I spotted this sign:

I mean, how cool is that? Troy thinks it used to be a restaurant...with a name like that, I don't have to wonder long why it's out of business. I wanted to call the owner and buy that sign. Troy thought I was a dork.

I have absolutely nothing interesting, inspiring or earth-shattering to say today...which means I need to run. I come up with most of my blog material while I'm running....yes, while I'm pounding out the miles, I think about you guys.

Now, doesn't that just make your Monday night?


asdf said...

Its great to have you back GH

Anne said...

Nice to hear you're ready to return. That sign was an omen, I think.

Char said...

Great - you're back into it. It's hard? Won't be so bad in a month or so.