January 30, 2010


I don't like getting up in front of a crowd. During my freshman year in college, I had to give a speech on the pros and cons of year round schooling. I got so nervous that my professor stopped me mid-speech to make sure I was okay. She thought I was getting ready to have a heart attack. Yes, I like to talk...and yes, I may be guilty of trying to be the center of attention on occasion, but in front of crowd where all eyes are on me? Not so much.

So, when it dawned on me two days ago that I might be a tad-bit of a drama queen...well, I decided to do some research....first going where every self-respecting researcher would turn for information: Google.

I found two definitions. The first being "an overly dramatic person." A little vague, and honestly, I didn't get a warm-fuzzy that that definition described my exact situation. I mean, when I think of "dramatic", I think of the cast from Chicago, or anyone who has ever starred on Law and Order, or our very own local drama queen: Katy Thompson. But me...dramatic? Not so much.

On to definition numero dos: "Someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Someone who blows things way out of proportion when ever the chance is given."

Okay, that's much better. Sounds...well...exactly like me.

I mean, seriously...who in their right mind would get bent out of shape because the lights aren't separated from the darks? Yeah, that would be me. Who would hyperventilate because the tailor hemmed my pants a 1/10 of inch too short. Yes, that was me with the measuring tape. And who in their right mind would have a complete meltdown because they didn't feel like running. Yep. Me again.

I'm sure my family could throw out quite a few other examples of my hysteria as a child and a young adult. I vaguely remember crying over my hair, my makeup, the color of my jeans, the boy that looked at me, the boy that didn't look at me, the party that I didn't get invited to, and the party that I did get invited to and didn't want to go but my mom was making me go anyway. Yeah, I guess I was a tiny bit of a drama queen as a child.

But honestly, until a few days ago, I thought I had grown out of all of 10 years ago. I guess not.

I am constantly analyzing things (the reason, in my former life, I was so good at being an auditor for the Air Force *pat on the back*). So, it's no surprise to many of you that I've spent the last few days pondering my discovery of being a drama queen. I mean, really, if I go back and look at the things that are such a big deal...well, in reality...yeah...not so much of a big deal. I mean, the people I know...some of them...way bigger deals going on in their lives and you never hear a peep about it.

So, I'm a little embarrassed that I made such a big deal about the fact that I didn't feel like running. In the scheme of things, it's awfully pleasant that I have two legs, right? And I'm a little ashamed that I broadcast my little temper tantrum to the 178 people who clicked on my blog that day. Because really, isn't it just nice that I have the physical fitness to go out and run 5 miles when I do feel like it? And finally, I'm a little disheartened that I cried (yes, I actually cried over that blog post) about my breakup with running. Seriously, isn't it a blessing to know that I'm actually fairly good at something that deep down inside (and on a good day), I really do love to do?

I wonder what most people would give to have the things I take advantage of?

My near-perfect health, my perfect-in-my-eyes husband, my less-than-perfect-family that still loves me despite my faults, my dream job, the fact that I don't have to worry about finances...the list could go on....instead of celebrating these things and the wonderful opportunities I have in my life...I throw a hissy fit. Nice. Super nice.

So, I think at age 33, it's probably time to retire that tiara. Give it to someone who rightfully deserves 9 year old niece...or better yet, leave the drama for people who are actually good at it, like Katy Thompson! Yes, I think it's probably time to put on my big girl panties* and take the minor snafus of life with a little grace, a little charm, and a lot of laughter.

Have a great weekend!

*please spare your's a figure of speech.

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Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

You look beautiful in a tiara, from one drama queen to another.

I hope you enjoy kickboxing or running, or whatever you choose this week!