December 16, 2009


Something unthinkable, that is!

I actually got myself up, out of my warm bed, at an unheard of hour (okay, so it was already 6am, which is my "noon", but it makes the story sound better, right?) to go

And this time, I even stepped up the "ridiculous" notch and tried my hand at a 4 mile TEMPO run (side note: why do we always capitalize the whole word "tempo"?)

I've never just gone out and run a

Usually, my tempos arise out of RC's constant proding:

"How many TeMpO's have you done this month?"

"You gonna show up for tomorrow's TeMpO?"

"You know, only posers don't do TeMpOs!"


(and okay, maybe I made that last statement up too...)

And then, the worst is when I find myself ill on the days that I REALLY do want to participate in the fun-ness that is a TeMpO run. Back aches, colds, hay fever, morning sickness (okay, so I made that last part up, again.) Sue me because I really have a serious allergic reaction to TeMpOs.

Except when I do them on an unscheduled

Ladies and gentlemen: I rocked it out. 4 mile TeMpO at an 8:01 pace. Not a PR, but faster than my VDOT chart says I should be flying, and faster than I've ever run I had no rabbit to chase, no RC being a smart aleck, and no one to push me except me-myself-and-I.

And it was amazing!

Have a great Wednesday!

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Kat said...

I feel ya girl. I run most every tempo alone. Tomorrow morning brings yet another one... You had an Awesome pace!