November 30, 2009


Well...almost a new month.

I've spent the last 5 or 6 days in sheer agony. For those of you who deal with chronic back pain, I applaud you...because given the chance, I would have surgically removed my back with a rusty knife two days ago...the pain was just that bad.

It all started because I'm a bad bowler...and well, the fact that I haven't been Fit Camping like I should over the last 6 months and lost every bit of ab-fab-ulousness sort of made matters worse. But, back to the bowling. A week ago was supposed to be a day of running and spending time on our bikes at the Riverwalk, showing Pete, our visiting nephew, how great and wonderful exercise can be....but the rain, oh the rain had other plans for us, so Troy and I decided to take Pete bowling instead.

Let me just state the facts: I bowled a 29 on my first game. I made a D in bowling in college (but the professor felt sorry for me because, while I failed on every game, I aced the final...he gave me a C on my official records). I beat Pete (who is 9 years old and got to use the bumpers) once during our 3 games, and that was only by one point. In other words, I'm a bad bowler.

It doesn't reason to stand that I probably have bad bowler "form" as well. So, Monday morning when my back started to twinge, I just chalked it up as an old car accident injury and moved on...slowly and painfully. I iced. I used heat. I took more Advil than I have in my entire life. By Wednesday night I got zero hours of sleep as I tossed and turned (slowly) trying to figure out which position would make those back spasms go away. It turns out that the only position that gave me relief was one of being bent over in the ER getting a shot of morphine in my butt. Within minutes I was living in a wonderland of pain-freeness and completing forgetting that it's Thanksgiving morning and I have three dishes to prepare before our afternoon with the fam.

That's what good husbands are for. Troy, who's sole purpose in the kitchen is to eat my meals and do the dishes, made broccoli salad, sweet potato pie, and pumpkin bars that were delicious!

But, back to my back. The morphine wore off and I spent the next two days medicating with Lortab (although my lovely husband told everyone I was on Lexapro...quite a bit different than Lortab...). I iced. I used heat. I talked to every medical professional I had on text messaging to try and figure out what I needed to do to get better. I finally figured out two things on my own: the heat...well, that was just making it worse. The ice...well, that was just making it worse as well. Once I stopped doing both of those...the pain...well, it begin to disappear. And now, Monday morning, I feel as good as new!

So, during this period of pain, when I wasn't in a lortab-induced nap, what did I learn?

1. If I had of been Fit Camping like I should, my back and ab muscles probably would have been tight enough to withstand the bad bowlers "form".

Remedy: get back to Fit Camp PRONTO! Luckily, a new class begins this week and I am making it my mission to be there for every Wednesday and Thursday class.

2. Not being able to run sucks. Massively. I got one 6 mile run in on Tuesday before the real pain got me down, and then another 4 miles on Saturday trying to test my heat/ice theories. While both were a tad bit painful, nothing compared to the inability to get off the couch and just move. In other words, I found myself wanting to be thankful for every crappy run, every tempo run, every race that I didn't want to run...because in the end, those days were much better than these days where I couldn't walk, much less run.

Remedy: remind myself daily that I am fortunate enough to be able to run, that I am fortunate enough to have a Run Coach who wants to see me succeed, and that I am fortunate enough to have a spouse that supports me in all my crazy running endeavours and wants to run them with me! But the main every day like it was my last...because could be!

My new goals for December:

1. Get my butt to Fit Camp at least twice a week. AND do my at-home weights that RC2 tells me to do each and every week...and each and every week I find an excuse not to.

2. Get all my prescribed runs in. That means running the Reindeer Run this Saturday and running like someones chasing me so that I can get that elusive 22:59 PR...that also means that I should have no less than 20 miles of TEMPO runs in my log book by months end!

3. Send my weekly logbook to RC1 because, really, he's who keeps me honest about all of this.

4. Wear my 26.2 necklace every single day to remind myself that the only way I am Boston bound is by completing all the workouts, every day and on time.

5. Have fun...sitting on the couch for one day is f-u-n, but sitting on the couch for five days! Not so much fun....

Have a great Monday!


RC - TEAM POD said...

You learned a lot in the past few days. Great news on the recovery. Take it easy the next few days.

Char said...

You poor thing. Having a bad back sucks! Work on that core strength and hopefully there'll be no repeats.

Anonymous said...

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Injured Runner said...

Wow, I hope you have a speedy recovery with your back!

I think I'm in the same boat as you for bowling, I once scored a 26 - and I felt like I was trying every move in the book.

I just posted a link on my blog about how to have a speedy recovery through running, but this DVD works for other sports too. You might want to check it out.