November 22, 2009


Well...cross-country races certainly aren't for people like me.

I almost taste a little vomit in the back of my throat when I hear people shout "I love CC! It's my favorite kind of race!" What sort of planet were these people born on?

What part of dirt, mud, getting lost, and possible snakes living under all those leaves sounds like fun? I haven't even begun to talk about all the ticks out there!

I just don't like them. I get nervous and scared. I feel like I'm going to trip over every root, slip on the mud, and get lost on most turns. I'm constantly asking myself if I'm going the right way. Climbing hills is hard enough...try throwing in some mud, slippery leaves, the fact that I might be lost AND there might be snakes out's just too much for me.

And for that reason, I ran the worst race I've run in all of 2009 yesterday.

And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

On the plus side, I PR'ed by like 15 minutes on this course. It's the same course I ran with my brother year before last. It was his first...and now, going back and reading my description of the course...I'm wondering what planet I was on when I decided that running it again would be such a great idea.

Oh well. I ran it. I had a horrible race. I didn't slip in the mud, but I did get lost for a second. I also *gasp* stopped and walked. And boy, did I get in trouble with RC for that! (Note to self: don't be so honest next time!) I came across the finish line saying "I hate myself for suggesting this..." and really, at the time, I did. It was horrible.

On the other hand, I did score some hardware coming in 2nd for my age, Troy got 1st for his age, and RC and GT came in first overall! And well, having Waffle House post-race with some of my most favorite running buddies....well, that totally makes up for the mud, the leaves, the possibility of snakes, and all those other things that make me dislike CC.

Until next year....(yes, there will be a next year...I may hate CC, but I hate letting a race beat me even more!)


GeorgiaSnail said...

Cheers for not letting it get the best of you!

Kat said...

Ahhhhh.... I feel your pain. Read my blog about the cross country turkey trot that I thought would be SO FUN! Ha!

Char said...

Well done. Runners are a strange, masochistic lot with a fairly short memory (I think the short memory's from oxygen deprivation) We repeatedly subject ourselves to unpleasant experiences and get personal satisfaction from doing so.

charlie said...

But wait, you didn't turn your ankles multiple times until they were black and blue for weeks! How can you hate it already?!
I say, find your own local trail and make it a semi-regular ritual/pilgrimage. After a while you'll find that it's actually fun to scare (and hurt)yourself on purpose! :) ~think mud.