November 13, 2009


The Chickamauga Battlefield half marathon is on Saturday...I've run it before so I shouldn't be worried, right?


The last time I just "ran" real goal except to finish...this time I've got goals, and I'm actually participating in the "race" aspect of it...all the way down to my fancy new arm warmers.

So, I'm a little worried...there will be a HUGE personal best in my future, that I'm sure of...but hitting that mark...finishing in a time that lets me know "ok, it's time to really start thinking about Boston"...well, that part of it is downright scary.

Until next time...

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Char said...

The only advice I can give you is not to put any pressure on yourself. My best races have come when I'm totally relaxed and convinced that there's no chance of a PR. Take it out conservatively and then see how you feel.

Good luck. Can't wait to read your race report.