September 23, 2009


I think I've posted about this may have even been my last post but I'm entirely too lazy (yeah right) to go check on it. So, here's the skinny.


Honestly, to get the results I want, I need to be running no less than 40 miles a week. Yeah, sounds like a lot, huh? But, if I'm eventually going to be Boston-Bound, I really need to step my game up. And that game involves logging more miles...and pounding more pavement.

Take Exhibit A below as an example. If you look at March 2009, I ran the most miles I've run all year...almost 140! And guess what?

Take a look at Exhibit B below.

Still trying to guess? Well, if you'll look closely you can see that my average pace between February and March had the largest decrease in terms of percentages that-I've-had-all-year. I shaved 20 seconds off of my pace of 10:19 in February, to my 9:59 pace in March (please ignore January's results as there are several factors resulting in my suckage for that month, and furthermore they totally skew where I'm going with all of this.)

At any rate, it is CLEAR AS MUD that more mileage equals a larger decrease in my overall pace.

It just makes sense to me now. All those years of trying the 8,000 different types of running programs out there....and the only one that really works is to just run. Simplicity at it's finest (okay, so all my percentages and over-analyzation of terrain, paces, humidity, etc don't really make it "simple" but you get where I'm going with this.)

I'm setting a personal goal to run as much as I can, but no less than 40 miles a week. And I'm making it public because us bloggers feel like if we make it will happen.

Actually it should be quite easy to hit the streets that much, once you factor in that 10-16 mile long run each week (and yes...I DID finally make it back to the world of long runs!!), 6 miles of group speedwork, and 5 miles for the dreaded tempo run each week. That means I only have to run roughly 5 miles every other day...[which, as a side note, is super-easy to accomplish because I have the stalker thing going on with Cross's exactly 2.5 miles from my house and I really really really want to run by there one day and see them doing all that crazy stuff that is Cross Fit, but I have yet to get there at the right you see in a weird psycho sortof way, it's actually motivating me to get the entire 5 miler in. - and yes, I know I could just look online and find out what their schedule is and plan my run around that, but that would take all the fun out of it! Okay, now I do sound psycho...]

But if I'm not motivated by anything else, I can surely be pushed by the thought of hearing RC say...just one more time..."IT'S ALL ABOUT VOLUME"....if I have to hear it again...well...I just might puke.

Finally, if you didn't think I was rocking out this POD stuff...take a look at this. My average pace has consistently and constantly decreased every month (save for July where I think the heat and humidity just got the best of me).

Have a great weekend (and Kat, you can thank me


Kat said...

Thanks Amy : ) I've got a couple questions... I'm going to hit you up on FB.

RC said...

You finally get it Grasshopper. My work is complete.