July 15, 2009


Dear Type A Personality,

You and me...we've got big problems. Yeah, I know you had a serious case of separation anxiety a few minutes ago when I ran 4 miles and refused to look at my Garmin...I could hear you up there screaming and shouting that we might not be on pace....we might be running too slow....we have no idea how far we've been...

I'm sorry but it was just something I needed to do.

Without you breathing down my neck.

Because you, Mrs. Type A, are driving me nuts. What with all the list-making, schedule-planning,'s just too much for me sometimes. We have got to loosen up those apron strings!

Don't you remember the good old days? Back a few years ago when life was full of surprises and plans were only made 5 minutes in advance? Those were the days when I felt carefree enough to do silly things like jump out of airplanes, or run marathons on little to no training, or (gasp) get a tattoo....yes, my dear enemy...those were the good old days.

But now life is just full of plans and organization and lists. And it's all so chaotic and jumbled. Lists are starting to run together, bins are overflowing, and I even told Troy to go to an appointment IN-THE-WRONG-PLACE. You have even had me add "pick the cat up from the vet" for three solid days on my schedule. And guess what? I still forgot to pick her up!

I'm getting little done and my brain is overflowing. My running is taking a back seat to spreadsheets and charts and notepads...oh dear the amount of paper that I'm wasting is just breaking my heart!


It's funny because most unorganized people that I know tell me how impressed they are with my discipline, my organization, my tenacity to get it all done. While flattery doesn't do much for me, I know it just inflates your oversized ego and really just makes you want to be more organized. It's such a ridiculous thought. Why can't we just be like everyone else? A little messy...a little scattered...a little (gasp) rebellious even? Why can't we just have fun more?

So, personality I had to punish you today for making me so stressed out. I had to just run to run with no distance, time, or speed in mind. I just had to run for me. And even that last mile, the one that I had to walk because I thought I was going to throw up? Yeah, that one was just for you too. Consider it a figurative middle finger to your attitude as of late.

Sometimes I might like you, but more often then not, I despise you. But ultimately, I know you aren't going anywhere anytime soon. So every now and then I'm just going to have to let go...regroup...make you take a back seat to the rest of my life.

Today, Mrs. Type A Personality...well today was just that day.




TimC said...

See what married life will do to you. I told you it would drive you crazy. LOL

Stefanie said...

I puffy heart open letters!!!!