July 30, 2009


Well, I made it through the run...most of it anyway. I don't know if it was lack of sleep (see previous post), dehydration, or just general laziness but about a mile into my 5k tempo run I thought I was going to coincided with the time that RC began to lecture me on the 3 phases of running a race (mile 1 - set the tempo, mile 2 - struggle through the pain, mile 3 - it's all heart). I kept telling myself that it was just mile was just mile 2...get through it and move on. At the 1/2 way point I told RC I was going to throw up (or I think that's what I said)...of course, being the good coach he is, he told me to push through it. At the 1.97 mile point I just stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't decide if I was going to throw up or just lay down and die. I hate to throw up so in my confusion I figured dying would be better. We walked it off for a couple of minutes and then I ran the remainder of the 5k at my tempo pace.

Because that's what Grasshopper's do.

They finish what they started.

After the run I was relieved to hear RC say that stopping in the middle of a tempo run is something that he's done often. I was sortof disappointed for stopping, since I had done this before, and at that pace. I was also relieved to hear him say that I was sortof a different case on the tempo anyway because I usually run them at or very near (like within a few seconds) of race pace. For example, I ran a 7:57 today - 2 seconds slower than my race pace. RC runs his at 6:00 - almost 40 seconds slower than his race pace. Of course he further explained that that meant I wasn't running my races fast enough....

I'm officially moving into Phase IV of training which means longer tempo runs...longer intervals...buckets and buckets of fun.

This weekend Troy and I are going to Anniston AL to run the Woodstock 5k with a few members of Team POD. Keeping my fingers crossed that I come home with a coveted Bobble Head! Or at the very least, keeping my fingers crossed that RC comes home with a BIG Bobble Head!

Have a great Thursday!

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