July 13, 2009


Let me get two things out of the way:

1. I'm bound to offend someone by this post but I can't apologize for my blatant honesty, so feel free to leave your comments but understand that it won't change my opinion on this topic.

2. I really am grateful for the fact that I can run, and place in my age group...really, I am.

With that out of the way, I want to find out who ever ever ever ever thought it was a good idea to give away anything OTHER THAN a trophy for an age group win?


Seriously, who was it?

Because I would like to personally dedicate this blog post to them.

Two weeks ago I ran a 5k. And I PR'ed. And I knew that for the first time in my life, fairly and squarely, I placed first for my age group. FOR-THE-FIRST-TIME people. I was so excited to get yet another "piece of plastic" for my growing trophy case (yes, it's that particle board shelving system...that's my trophy case).

But then...right before the announcement of the awards...I noticed....that there weren't enough trophies sitting there for all the age groups...3 deep....but there were...oh can't be...

It was.


Lovingly embroidered in festive red, white, and blue, probably by some local business owner who put their heartfelt time and energy into embroidering each and every age grouper cap.

Yes, it was those kind of caps.

And then the director of the race stands on her podium and explains to the crowd that her teenage daughter told her that only people who are 19 and below like trophies.

I almost choked on my Gatorade.

For real? Who is this teenage daughter and where is she?? We need to have a little chat.

Besides that, who in their right mind would listen to a teenager's opinion? Especially when it comes to something so delicate like race trophies???

I'm sorry. Hats are swell. Really, they are. But nothing...I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G is better than having a professionally sculpted runner girl in a realistic running pose...the gold plated ponytail...sitting atop a particle board base...with a gold plated ENGRAVED plate telling the WORLD that I just got 1st place for the 30-34 age group.

I mean, really, what is better than that?

So, to all you race directors and would-be-race-directors: don't cheat us me. I just want the plastic girl with the ponytail...just a trophy. No more. No less.

Of course, I'm keeping the hat...lovingly displayed amongst my gold plated don't ask for it, cause you're not getting it.


jeff said...

i like the more creative age group awards. i've seen coasters, special medals, tiles, buckles, pins...trying to think of others...

i don't think i'd want a trophy. i like the collection of oddities that rd's hand out. OOH! MUGS! beer mugs are fun to get, too. trophy i get i'll send your way and you can send me all your weird stuff.

Amy said...

Actually, I should have just said "don't give me a hat" because my favorite award was a bathroom tile that a child painted with their handprint in the middle. Belt buckles sound cool, and last year I did get a pretty nifty beer mug...- guess I should have been more specific...I just don't want another stinkin' hat :)

Stefanie said...

hmmmmmmmm... I have to get tons faster before this is a concern for me!!! ;-P

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on the PR and placing!

Steebo said...

Great job on the PR! I agree with you on the hat and what not. Who wants a stinkin hat? Give me something awesome like a beer mug!!!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Handmade hat is better than a "First Place" Certificate printed out on someone's home computer.....I'm with you, I NEED the hardware.

TimC said...

Amy I agree with you. Have you e-mailed the director and told him of your concerns? Maybe if everyone got together with their hats and told them now they feel, next time they might give out trophies.

phil said...