May 13, 2009


I've been doing this running thing for almost 4 years and the only time I've taken "active recovery" is when Physical Therapist Brian makes me do it, or post-marathon when recovery is just a way to get through each day.

So, when I emailed RC a week or so ago and freaked out because I didn't have a schedule to go by, he calmly told me: you are in recovery mode. That's what we do. We r-e-c-o-v-e-r after a hard effort....well, I was shocked to say the least.

Recover after a 5k??


Who does that?

Apparently Team POD (Pain of Discipline) does.

And it couldn't have fallen at a better time.

I've been TDY (temporary duty...or temporary duty yonder if you ask T-roy) for the last two weeks and there is something really really hard about getting a run in on unfamiliar ground. Part of it has to do with trying to cram 2 months worth of work into 2 weeks, and the other part has to do with safety. I'm sortof a safety freak. I just will not run anywhere that I don't deem safer than safe. The only place I've found around here is the same park I ran last time I was here (and I ran 44 freakin' miles around that stupid park). So, to say it mildly...I'm not very motivated to run that same 1.3 miles of park trail over and over and over and over again.

So, yippee for recovery!

I've substituted stupid-park runs for an hour on the elliptical at my goal HR. And I've just taken full days off. No running. No guilt. I keep expecting to get yelled at for taking another day off, and I just get the same "Grasshopper: you are in recovery mode. Wax on/wax off."

RC told me Saturday to look at it as a reward for all my hard work leading up to the PR of all PR's.

Btw, who shaves a full 2 minutes off of their PR time?? I do! I do!

He keeps telling me to get prepared for the next phases of training (new goals: PR in a 10k in August, and HOLD ON TO YOUR HORSES: a sub-22 minute 5k on Labor, that wasn't a typo. I said S-U-B-22 minute 5k). Holy cow.

He told me on these next phases he'd cure me of saying "that was easy." He said there would be no more "lah tee dah...that was so much fun..." posting on my blog. He said it would be hard and it would be no laughing matter (or something like that).

But guess what?

I don't think he can cure me of saying all of this is EASY.


Yes, doing 6 x 400m hill repeats at an 8:00 min pace on Saturday was hard. I even felt a little throw up in the back of my mouth on repeat #4. But, really...when it was all over with I was able to look back on that and say "that was easy."

No, not easy, like I could have done it 10 more times. But geez, I've spent the last 3 years of my running life thinking that all of this was doing it...finishing it...even if I do's still ALOT EASIER than I ever ever ever ever would have thought it would be.

And until I convince myself that any of this is IMPOSSIBLE, I will still call whatever RC throws at me easy.

And he'll just have to deal with it.

I'm certain there will be many days that I'm running some insane distance at some insane time that I will wonder what RC's head would look like flattened on the pavement. I'm sure the thought of RC getting slugged by a girl may fall into my thought pattern. I'm sure at some point I will think about Facebooking his wife to tell her that she is a Saint for dealing with him. Yes, I'm certain all of those thoughts will, or have crossed my mind.'s that moment when I get back in my car and I'm driving home...and I'm thinking about what to post on my blog...or how crazy it is that I just ran 3 straight miles at a 7:30's those moments when I realize that it was all sooooo freakin' easy.

I did it. It was easy. And I can do it again. And next time I might even make it look easy.


Troy Tarpley said...

You make most everything you do look easy.

Anne said...

You sure you aren't hiding one of those Staples Easy Buttons? It sure doesn't sound like it was easy to pull off that PR.

RC said...


It's On!! More EASY coming up :)
Looking forward to Amy's Awesome Quest for Speed, Part II.

Sub 22 is really a super breakthrough goal, but that's how we roll.

Wax On / Wax Off

Team POD

georgiasnail said...

If you are still in Savannah-or ever in Savannah, there are a group of us that run regularly. That way you don't have to do miles and miles around the tiny lake known as Tom Triplett Park.