March 26, 2009


Wow. That's a long title.

Since I've inundated you with postings about how fast and wonderful my running life has been over the last 2 months, I figured I'd spare you with another post about how great and wonderful my running life is and give you a post about....

How great and wonderful my studying life is.

In case you haven't figured it out, I have a severe issue with being addicted to education. My mom had it too, and I always said I'd never be like my mom (or that part anyway)...and well, everyone says they aren't going to be just like their parents...and sadly we all are (including you Mom).

At any rate, in my never-ending quest to get a few more letters behind my name, I've decided to tackle the CPA exam (certified public accountant for those of you who live under a rock, or just don't pay your taxes). The exam is 4 parts, and extremely difficult. Current pass right for the first try (and I have met one person who took it 12 times) is around 30%, which I guess is a plus because it used to be around 17%. I've been studying my little heart out since January for my first section (Business Environmental Concepts...or what I commonly refer to as "Grad School All Over Again - But This Time Making Sense"). I take the exam next Friday and I can't believe I just told you that. I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't let everyone know when the exam was (so everyone didn't keep asking me "how'd ya do?" FYI: I won't get the scores until sometime in June...which is good because all of you will have forgotten by then, and I won't have to worry about that "email of shame" if I didn't pass).

Where was I?

Oh, so here I am...studying my little heart out...7 days to go. I even took a vacation day today to study. Side note: It is totally a bummer to know that I'm wasting perfectly good vacation time to do things that may or may not help me climb that corporate ladder (okay, so it will help me but I can't see the forest right now because of all the trees, if you know what I mean). And I'm studying....rereading formulas that I've already forgotten since January...and then it hits me:

Cost of Debt in the Cost of Capital Considerations = [I + (Pv - Nd)/n]/[(Pv + Nd)/2.

Holy moly how am I going to remember that?

And then it hit me: P for Priscilla, N for Ned (probably the only time in my life I won't refer to him as Jimmy Leg). P is Interested in FitCamp but Ned doesn't come to FitCamp. But, if he did there would be 2 of them there.

And just like that, I memorized the formula.

I moved onto the next one:

Cost of Preferred Stock = Dps/Nps

Jeff D's Nephew goes to Yale (I don't know that to be true, but it fit). Yale would be a Preferred school.

I could go on and on and on but I'm sure you don't want to hear about how I discovered the relationship between the CAPM and the girl I work with named Pam who is a self-professed cheapskate....

How come no one taught me this before? Two bachelor's degrees, an MBA, and a couple of certifications and now....NOW...I finally figure it all out!

Alright, back to studying...or trying to figure out how I can tie Troy into the formula for Return on Investment.

Have a great Thursday!


Bryan said...

I'm gonn ask this now, because you know I will forget; How did you do on the CPA exam? (You can let me know in June)

Anne said...

Good luck with tomorrow's exam. I have a feeling you're going to be in the front of the pack -- the passing pack, that is.

TimC said...

Good luck with th exam. Just remember to pace yourself and sucka the rest :-)

Troy Tarpley said...

Troy is = to tROI and you get a good ROI (return on investment) when you invest in TROY. If you decide to invest in Troy though, it is a speculative stock and has strang qualifications for investors that are looking for high returns and possible stock options. One is that you must have at least 90% of your investments in TROY. That leaves little room for diversification, so obviously the BETA (risk) is much higher. Do your research before investing any amount.

This is not intented to be a solicitation for stock in Troy. IF you'd like to invest in TROY, you should speak to TROY's CFO and director of management. Understand that risks are involved and the possible loss of principle is a possibility. Check with a professional advisor and/or attorney of your choice prior to making any investements you do not understand 100%.