February 16, 2009


So, another week in the books....

I've moved on to Phase II of all this training, and it started out as a the scariest week ever. Tuesday's speedwork wasn't daunting...I knew it wouldn't be, because I'd done it before...6 x 400s at a 1:56 pace. I nailed it. Thursday was the scary run....a mile warm up followed by 20 min @ 8:56. I have no idea why it scared the crap out of me, but it did....and of course, I nailed it...@ 8:36. So much for being a scaredy cat.

Saturday was the Sweetheart Run for Sight 12k. I averaged a 9:54 pace on this one finishing 1 hour 11 min. Same time as last year. How's that for consistency?

This week I have 12 x 200 speed workout on Tuesday. My other quality speed run is going to be on Saturday during the Al Toll Memorial 5k. I was supposed to do 2 x 10 min cruise intervals @ 8:56 but RC is letting me do the whole thing at that pace, which makes me super happy. I probably won't PR for a 5k at that time, but I'll be able to see how it feels to run for 3.1 miles at that pace.

I also ate chicken nuggets and french fries from Chickfila on Friday and got sick. I don't eat fried foods so I don't know why I thought it wouldn't make me sick. I ruined our Valentine's dinner out by having to make a quick exit to the bathroom. Y-u-c-k.

In other non-running news, this week we have painters at our house and it's worth mentioning that I've noticed a few things about them in the last 6 hours we've spent together: 1) they are loud...who woulda thought painting would make so much noise? 2) they like to listen to John Boy and Billy in the morning and well, totally hate that. 3) they know each and every word to each and every song on the classic Southern rock station, and well, that's hilarious. 4) they are going to be done sooner than they think and that makes me HAPPY (or at least that's what I'm telling myself)! **as I was typing this Ted Nugent came on the radio and I heard "ALRIGHT!" chime from downstairs...ha! Now the electrician just showed up and turned their electricity off, ie their radio...I think the paint fumes are getting to my head....


Stefanie said...

That is an awesome pace for the 12K on Sunday. I was tickled pink with my 12:11 pace but yours is rocking! Congrats on the progress.

::Cues Lynard Skynard music::
See you at Al Toll

Laura Lohr said...

YEAH PHASE II! 8:36 is awesome! I am excited to hear how fast you get as time goes on. Go speed demon! Go! :)

Sunshine said...

Appreciated reading your report of the Mercedes Birmingham Half in 2008.
We drove down from Minnesota a week ago for this year's races.
We loved the new course: We could see the mountain, but no more running up and down the mountain.
I have posted pictures on my blog.

Happy running to you!