February 01, 2009


This week turned out pretty well. I only half-assed one of my runs and that was only because I got too busy at work (yeah, likely excuse) and ended up only having enough time for a 2 mile run. Of course, being the perfectionist that I am, I made up for it on Friday by adding that mile I missed.

Today, I switched up the long run and did it at 2pm down at the Riverwalk. It was an absolutely perfect day for running! Tim, Downtown D, LL Cool J, and new to our running group - Melissa, all met at various locations between D's house and the Riverwalk to get our various long run miles in. I really enjoyed it. We were running different paces at different times and I think it worked out well for everyone. I think I have just switched my long run time to 2pm for now. It was a perfect time of the day to run!

Recap for the week:
5 days of running: total miles 19.41
1 crappy day of running because of dehydration
3 days of FitCamp (too many parties going on this week!)
2 days of personal training

Have a great week!


Kat said...

Amy.... I enjoy reading your posts... u crack me up!

RC said...

Amy, are doing great. Good catch on the beer and running. Word of advice, it's just as painful with martini's!!! Trust Me! Anyway crappy runs just make the good ones that much better. Remember POD!! RC :)