February 10, 2009


This is way better than gold stars! (progress report for Phase I)

Tonight began Phase II of my running training. Phase II, according to my notes (the notes that I am supposed to keep on me at all times but ran out of the house and left them tonight and RC asked where they were..embarrassing), well according to those notes this phase, called Early Quality, begins to introduce stress and repetitions. I'll also be building my form and mechanics.

It all began with 6 x 400 at a 1:56 pace. Plus a mile warm up and a mile cool down.

And guess what?

It was freakin easy. I mean so easy that most of the 400 I chatted it up with LL Cool J as she ran next to me. So easy that I should have been jogging on my recovery periods (see, that's a reason to have a tell you what you should be doing!). It was just plain easy. But not so easy that I felt like I could do it all night. By the 6th one, I was ready to go. Not exhausted but just finished. The cool down was a welcome change.

I also do my first ever tempo run this week and for some reason it is scaring the crap out of me. I wasn't scared until I found out that Troy has a stress fracture and won't be able to pace me for the 20 minutes of the run that I have to do an 8:56. I don't know why I'm scared, but I am. I am thankful that LL Cool J has offered up her pacing services and plans to pace me for 20 minutes. No more, no less. Thanks LL. We are so glad to have you back!

I'm excited and nervous about Phase II. All those easy runs are getting replaced by repetitions, cruise intervals, and tempo runs. Words that have never been a part of my running vocabulary.

I think until tonight, before I screwed up and left my notes at home, I think I was RC's star student. Now I've got some work to do to get my star status back. I was told that I was one of Rick's (Personal Trainer Ricks) top 10 students, so I guess I can't be every one's favorite all the time. But I'll sure work on it.

Off to do my homework (watching the Biggest Loser, and yes it is required homework from RC - and I'm sure Trainer Rick would require it too - it's just that motivational.)

At any rate, looking forward to seeing what Phase II has to offer.

I do know one thing I'm going to have to work on this week and that's my schedule. I can't keep getting up at 4am and not going to be til 10 or 11. It's just not going to work.

I'll be accepting applications for any of you out there that want to take some of my load off, or just be my personal assistant.

Have a great week!


leora's blog said...

lemme know when we are tempooing! Thanks for making running fun again!

I'd also like to point out that my word verification thing below tells me to spell "pusse"

RC said...

Personal Assistant!!! You already have a fitness trainer, a running coach, and a Rabbit (Pacer). You have a bigger staff than Tiger Woods already. Get back to work!


Anne said...

It's amazing how much a little accountability can change us, huh? I think you're going to love the speedwork sessions.