February 09, 2009


Let me recap my last week:

I've been tired.

Very very very very tired.

All the time.

If you read my blog, or check me out on Facebook, you know I'm up at 4am. Usually I'm studying. Obviously sometimes I'm FBing it. But, I'm supposed to be studying.

At any rate, that 4am schedule finally caught up with me. Because not only am I getting up at 4am, I'm also not going to bed before 10pm.

6 measly hours of sleep.

Today when I had to get that 7 mile long run in, I would have happier sleeping. So, when Ultra-marathoner Tim texted me to ask if I was running today, I was ecstatic to know that I wouldn't have to do that 7 miles solo.

I ran 4 solo and they were terrible. I was tired, exhausted, and really really hoping that Tim didn't have to save a life that might take him away from running with me. Boy, oh boy, was I happy to finally get his phone call (despite the fact that I was taking a much needed potty break!) So, off we go...out 1 1/2 and back to finish up my 7 miles.

**Editor's note: I just realized that this post totally sucks, more than likely it's due to my lack of sleep so I'm just going to end this post with the following:

I forgot how good it is to be motivated by friends who just don't want you to disappoint yourself. I forgot how much fun it was to run with friends and talk about things like what happens if you encounter a bear in the woods. I forgot how nice it was to catch up with friends on their life, their accomplishments, and to be there to give them a high-five when they announce they have no more credit card debt. I just forgot, but I was happily reminded today on my run with Ultra-marathoner Tim.

Thanks for being my friend, and being there today Tim!

Now, I'm getting my caboose to bed!


Stefanie said...

Tim always has the best, most interesting things to talk about while running.

TimC said...

Amy the run for me was a great one. When ever you need a partner just call Ultra-911 :o)