January 19, 2009


It's Monday and technically I probably should have done a recap at the end of the week, but I can't be perfect at everything.

Training to run faster and smarter is going well. I haven't missed a run yet, although I did switch my long run from Sunday to Monday this week strictly because today was a holiday and I knew I'd be going to 6am FitCamp (by the way, where do I get all of this energy??).

I've been able to manage going s-l-o-w-e-r than I want to and am actually enjoying this feeling of accomplishment.

Running by my heart rate is another story. It seems that the last time I wore my heart rate monitor (8 or 9 months ago) I was a little thicker around the middle. Really around my ribs. And now that I've been religiously attending FitCamp and getting my personal training on, my heart rate monitor strap is too big. It was too big when I bought it but I had it all figured out by tucking the "too big" part under my bra strap. Well, now the tucking doesn't work so much as is evidenced by my average heart rate today (87) and my average heart rate on Friday (56). Since my resting HR is 80, I'd be close to dead if I was able to maintain that 56. In other words, my strap doesn't fit so my rate is not nearly as correct as it should be. I guess something being "too big" is a good problem to have and I should stop complaining about it. But it just sucks because now I've got to fork out a few bucks to get the smaller version of what I have, and cross my fingers that it does the trick.

Goals last week: to run every other day, to run every run with a purpose

Total Hours Personal Training: 1
Total Hours at FitCamp: 3
Total Mileage for the Week: 18.11

Mon: 5.98 mi
Sat: 3.12 mi
Fri: 3.25 mi
Wed: 2.05 mi
Tues: 3.71mi

Goals this week: 19 miles, to run every scheduled run, to run every run with a purpose.

Have a Happy MLK Day!

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Bryan said...

A few words of wisdom from our father; “Velcro, Velcro, Velcro, will fix that strap!”