January 17, 2009


That's what this new training looks like from afar (or if you go look at my race results from today.)

Speedwork is hard. Getting in 5 consistent days of running a week is hard. Pretending like I know what a tempo run is is hard. Running a marathon is hard.

But, by far the hardest thing I've had to do since I've started running is run a RACE at an EASY PACE.


You know, those things where you want to show everyone what you've been up to. Where you want to PR especially when the course is flat and easy and you KNOW you can PR. Where you know people are looking at your race results going "what happened to her?"

Okay, so I bet people aren't looking at my race results....

At any rate, the last thing anyone (especially ME) wants to do in a RACE is run it easy.

But, that's what I was instructed to do by RC so that's what I made my best attempt at doing in the Museum of Aviation 5k this morning.

And just so you know, not only did I have to run s-l-o-w but it was also ridiculously cold so that made s-l-o-w even that much more difficult.

I don't hate you RC. I know there is a method behind the madness. I do. I really do.

But geez that was hard. Thankfully a gimpy friend and I started the race at the same time and my easy pace was his "I should be at the physical therapists office pace."

And honestly, I do realize the point of all of this. It's for building that foundation. Starting over. Doing things right the first time. And injury free (because I can ASSURE you that I won't be getting any injuries at the snail's pace I was pushing this morning.)

But geez it's humbling to know that my first race ever and my race today were completed in almost the same amount of time.

Starting over stinks, but for those three steps backwards I know there will be a giant leap forward in my future.

I almost feel like a recovering addict warning kids not to do what I did..."don't run your first race as a marathon'll pay for it dearly when you decide to get faster."

On tap for tomorrow is another easy run!

Have a great weekend!

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