January 09, 2009


1. My orthotics came in last week, and I completed four FitCamp sessions and nine miles of running in them. And I feel fantastic. Two of the four FitCamps were back-to-back (yes, 2 solid hours of fitness mania), and seven of the nine miles I ran this morning. While I had minor aches (they told me I would), I did follow the directions of "working them in" over 2 weeks and I've never felt better.

2. I got the stitches out of my arm this morning and Dr. 90210 said that the incision looks exactly as it should. But, I still have to go back in 2 weeks to make sure it's still lookin' like it should.

3. Tonight at 8pm on the Fox Business Network, Troy and I will be screaming "WE'RE DEBT FREE!" on the Dave Ramsey Show. They tape the episode earlier in the day, so we just got to talk to Dave about 20 minutes ago (and if you get to watch it, you will see that...surprise surprise...I hogged most of the talking). Sorry Troy! I really needed to tell the world that I couldn't have done it without him. Really! If you don't get that channel, it will be replaying on in 2 weeks. My husband was cool enough to go to one of our local pubs and ask them if they'd let us watch on their big screen! Thanks husband - You're the BEST!

4. I've run 9 miles this week. I'd like to blame it on the orthotics and "working them in", but the real case is that I've been super-duper busy studying for the CPA exam. And getting my FitCamp-ness on. Guys, I can't do everything. And I've finally realized it. But, I did get a solid 7 miler in this morning after personal training so I feel good about myself and that is all that matters, right?

5. Sometime tomorrow Troy and I are leaving to go to Orlando. He's running the Disney marathon on Sunday, while I'll be pacing my running partner Tim, from mile 20 to mile 26. It should be alot of fun! We have some other friends running as well, including Stef and Melissa who are tackling their first marathon, and Andrew who makes running 26.2 miles look like a leisurely jog. Seriously. This week he is running a 50k (done-last Sunday), a 5k (doing it today), a half marathon (tomorrow), and the full (on Sunday). Between him and our other friend Kevin who ran 300 miles the week of Christmas...I wonder where we get such crazy friends?!!?? Also, a childhood friend of mine, Ryan, is running the Disney as well as his first marathon. We plan to meet up at the expo after not seeing each other for about 15 years...who doesn't love the power that is FaceBook??

6. I got my comparative measurements since I've started FitCamp and personal training. Since Oct 15 I've shed
  • 0.5 lbs total
  • 1.5 inches from my arms
  • 1.6 inches from my thighs
  • 1% from my body fat
  • 0.3% from my BMI

On the flip side, I did increase my waist measurement by 2.5 inches and my hips by a full 4 inches but he said that is because I am toning the fat that used by there, up. I do notice my pants are fitting less snuggly so that's always a good thing in my book. And I can start to see at least a 2 pack of those 6 pack abs. I did all of that while eating my way through the holidays, not being to run that much because of pesky injuries, and having about 3 weeks off of FitCamp due to holiday scheduling. My goal is to shed 3 more percentage points off of my body fat by March.

So, there's your update. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Firefly's Running said...

Have fun this weekend! Good luck, Troy!