January 23, 2009


My friend and fellow runner this week selected me for a Fabulous Blogger Award. You are awesome Laura!

Now it’s time to both respond and to pass it on.

First, list 5 things you’re addicted to, then bestow the honor on five of your favorite bloggers.

Here’s Part 1:

Right now I’m addicted to:
1. FitCamp at Gateway Studios. Seriously. I have an addiction to getting my ass handed to me at least 4 times a week. It's a scary and sick addiction, but I love it nonetheless!
2. Organizing Stuff: I want to organize everything I come across. It is a little OCD. (and yes, I stole this EXACT sentence from Laura's blog!)
3. The Biggest Loser. The fact that I worried more about whether my replacement Tivo would be here by Tuesday so that I wouldn't miss a single second of the Biggest Loser, than I worried about whether the electricity bill got paid is weird and twisted. But, oh how I loved that Bob opened up a can of whoop-ass on Joelle! (see, Laura people DO still say that!)
4. Cooking and meal planning. I wish I had more time for it!
5. Facebook. It's sad. Really really sad. Especially when I was a FB-hater for all those months that Troy had it before me. I've apologized enough. I heart FB in such a ridiculously huge way and I hope it never ever goes away!

And Part 2:

I bestow the honor next to…

1. Tim the paramedic, ULTRA-runner
2. Steve the slowmanruneth
3. Tim the one who's not a paramedic
4. Bryan of regaining control of my life
5. Sarahof Chasing Fe


Anne said...

I think I've caught the organizing bug too. Just cleaned out our garage and am jonesing for another project before the weekend's over. Yikes. Stay addicted to pays off in dividends.

Firefly's Running said...

I **heart** FB too...and a little bit too much.

Sandra said...

Dear Amy:
1) Hi, 2) I've missed you on your blog, 3) I can't get into FB, 4) Hi some more.