January 26, 2009


Yesterday I woke up in sort of a foul mood...and as the morning progressed (and the tasks before me just kept mounting) I just felt crappier and crappier. I really just wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV and do nothing.

But that couldn't happen, because I had too much to do. How can one person have so much too do??

My "tasks" included a 7 mile run. And I knew I couldn't miss it because I did miss my easy Saturday run due to poor planning, and well, Running Coach told me not to go more than one day without running. Dang. Can't disappoint RC!

With the cards stacked against me, I decided to take the plunge and headed out for my 7 mile run.

I decided to put Indigo Girls on the ipod...not sure why since it's not "get out there and run" type music. I think I just wanted something calming and that I could hum along to.

Running...running...running. I made a pact with myself to not think about all the stuff I should be, could be, or need to be doing. Those sort of thoughts make me run faster than I should, and I was trying to maintain a 160 HR (or an 11 min pace).

For some reason, by mile 3 (which happened to be the biggest hill on my little route) I began to feel like a million bucks. I started thinking about the last 3 years of running and how I had just run 3 miles without stopping and had even taken on those 2 huge hills without blinking an eye. My HR was in it's zone and I was noticing that this HR training was paying off (although I was in my HR zone, my pace was 30 seconds less than what it had been just 2 weeks ago, ie. running at a 10:30 pace!). I started to think about all the good things in life.

The fact that I'm married to a wonderful guy, the fact that I have great friends and am even being able to reconnect with some from 15 years ago, the fact that I have a non-dysfunctional family, the fact that 10 years ago I was miserable and broke and now I'm not, the fact that I am extremely fortunate and extremely happy with all aspects of my life. The fact that I have 2 legs and one heart that let me do this thing called running.

I just couldn't stop myself from smiling! I was in that runner's high and I spent the next 3 miles trying to figure out how I could be "high" all the time...

It was one of those runs that you don't forget and you hope that will be repeated over and over again. It was a best run ever.


3 hours of FitCamp (goal was 4 hours)
23.45 miles of running at an avg HR of 147, included a long run and incorporating strides into 2 of my runs. Avg HR decreased long run time to 10:30. Missed one easy run due to poor planning.
2 days of Cain-Pain Personal Training

Goals this week: 4 hours of FitCamp, 5 days of running, 2 days of personal training (and if it actually warms up maybe one day on my bike!)

Have a great week!


Stefanie said...

Kenny and I totally saw you running yesterday on Tucker (not far from the St Andrews enterance). We were going to turn the car around to drive next to you and cheer but figured you would be too speedy and would be gone by the time we turned around on idleway.

TimC said...

Great job, I am glad to hear someone is still running.