January 27, 2009


Running Coach requires me to send him my SportTracks log book each week. He's really very diligent about it, and even though I'm super organized (I have a note to myself each week that says "Send stats to RC"), he still beats me to the punch with a quick text message reminding me that it's "that time again."

I like his texts. In this week's text he wanted to know if I was suffering from "POD" or "POR". It makes me think of that song "ya down with OPP, yeah you know me..." even though I have no idea what "OPP" really is. At any rate, POD is "Pain of DISCIPLINE" and POR is "Pain of REGRET." I was happy to report that I was totally in the POD realm of life, but that I did regret not getting my Saturday easy run in.

He also added these encouraging words: "All I can say is that it will only get harder :) The good news is eventually it just becomes routine, we get used to trying to squeeze 25 hours into a 24 hour day."

I love how he added the smiley face after saying "it will only get harder"...I'm sure, if he could, he would have added little devil horns over that sideways-smiley.

For my efforts, I got 4 gold stars...or a "Great" and a smiley face on my logbook calendar.

Next week, I'm hoping that my smiley face might grow some really cool running legs, or at the very least some devil horns.

Have a great rest of your week!

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Stefanie said...

that is awesome