December 28, 2008


Several several several months ago I got some socks and shoe inserts from SofSoles. I'm sure alot of you did. Unfortunately for me, I'm super OCD about checking stuff on my things-to-do list, and, well, posting something about what they sent has been on my list forever.

No longer though, as I'm finally checking it off.

SofSole, according to their website, offers many products for runners. I tried out the Performance Energy Socks and the Adapt Performance Insoles.

First, the socks. LOVE THEM. Actually I found them to be a little thin for running because I like a good, thick cushiony sock, but for riding my bike, they were excellent! They were just the right amount of thinness to be comfortable in my bike shoes, for the mountain bike and the road bike. And the moisture wicking abilities were right sweaty feet for this girl.

I'd definitely use the socks again. Not sure where to purchase them as they don't carry them at my local store, but I'm sure I could buy them online.

As for the insoles, if you've been reading my blog long enough you know I've been having issues with that anyway. I tried the insoles in both of my running shoes, but they weren't super helpful. I don't think it was the insoles as much as it was my issue with that sortof thing. In other words, I don't think I was a good candidate for trying those out.

I'm not sure on the pricing of either product, but I would be willing to pay as much as I pay for my normal socks to get another pair of SofSoles. In other words, the socks were well worth it.

And now I can check this off of my to-do list!

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