December 11, 2008


That's a horrible title for this post but I couldn't think of anything better.

On the non-running front, I was told by PT yesterday that I should take another week off. Actually, he said "I recommend you take at least a week off of running. I know you don't want to listen because runners never listen." Then he turned his back and I may or may not have given him the finger.

Okay, really I didn't give him the finger, but it's what he said next that really made me want to throw my frozen-water-bottle-foot-massager at him:

"Remember what happened last time you didn't were in a cast for 6 weeks?? And couldn't run AT ALL?? For 6 whole weeks?? Remember that??"

Why do people have to be so mean-spirited all the time???

I guess I'll listen, only because he totally jinxed me with that last line...stupid phyiscal therapy programs.

At any rate, I really didn't get as down as I'm making it sound. And that's only because one hour before PT I was getting my training on with Rick - Trainer Extradonaire. And he made me do this sitting up, pushing really really heavy weights over my head thing, and, well it sort of sucked but I try to smile while I'm there so that I look tougher than I really am, and I'm sitting there thinking: "is the fact that I can't pick this weight up at all, but you want me to lift it over my head, going to be a problem?" And then it happened.



Somewhere in my the general vicinity of my tricep, or it could have been my bicep...who knows...but HOLY COW they looked GREAT! Both of them! And I got this big smirk on my face and really just wanted to drop the weights on the floor so that I could show Rick the other muscles I discovered the other day. But I finished the set with grace (yeah, that's me) and then started screaming like a teenager who just saw those Jonas Brother guys:

"Look Rick! Look it's real live muscles!!!"

And then I proceeded to show him the other one that I found while I was blogging. I had to click something with the mouse, and at the same had an itch right between my right shoulder and shoulder blade, and when I went to scratch it, I almost fainted.


On me!!!

I screamed and made Troy come over and feel it.

So, you see, I was really excited when I discovered TWO MORE during training!

It will just be a matter of time before those folks at Women's Health come knocking on my door...I'm just sure of it.

Have a great Thursday.

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Stefanie said...

Congrats on finding the new muscles!!! I am jealous.

PS I like the new layout!