December 30, 2008


On our local track club website, we have a forum. We talk about all kinds of things on there, including our New Year's Goals. Some kind soul (SAM) decided it would be a nice gesture to revisit the post from the end of 2007/beginning of 2008. You know, the one where we all stated our goals loud and clear. I am 100% certain that the only reason Sam did that is because he completed almost all of his goals for 2008. And I am 110% certain that I am not really mad at him for reliving the past, just slightly jealous that he got 100% closer to his goals over the year than I did.

Jealousy is an evil woman.

At any rate, I was sortof sad, and sortof embarrassed to read my 2008 goals. Here they are:

#1. Run 1,000 miles: So far, I'm at 540 for the year. If I started running in 30 minutes (got to finish this post, and get dressed for running) and ran until 2009 I would have to run a 3:54 mile for the next 30 hours. While it sounds do-able, it does not sound do-able for me. And well, let's face it, if I could run that fast I wouldn't be sitting here posting on this blog.
#2. Complete a sub-5 hour marathon: Didn't happen. Actually I "worsed" my PR for the marathon (isn't that the opposite of "bested"?)
#3. Run Batram Forest 50k: Technically speaking, I did run this race. But technically speaking, I only finished 11 miles of the race so while I'd like to be all technical and say that I met this goal, really it's just be one big fat lie. And I only lie when it's absolutely necessary. Seeing as how I've already missed 2 out of 2 goals, I don't think it's necessary to try and weezle my way into this one.
#4. Start going to Tuesday Night Speedwork: I did go a couple of times, but like #3 I didn't technically fulfill what the goal intended. Next year I'm going to be more specific. Come to think of it, had I fulfilled this goal I may have been in good enough shape to fulfill goal #1. Dang. Fooled by my own laziness.
#5. Stop eating at Cracker Barrel everytime I run on Sunday: This goal was a complete and absolute joke. I mean, really, if I was planning on running 1,000 miles, then why would I also deprive myself of much needed nourishment?
And the hardest one of them all: Run all my scheduled runs each and every week. Obviously, you get the picture on this one. Had I completed goals #1 through #5, I wouldn't have had such a difficult time with this one.

On the other hand, in 2008 I:

1. Got married to the greatest guy I know.

2. Finished my MBA.

3. Paid off my very last cent of debt that I will ever owe.

4. Started studying for the CPA exam...again...

5. Put together the wedding of my dreams.

6. Made some new friends.

7. Started going to FitCamp and working with a personal trainer.

8. Lost 3 pounds and gained some abs that just don't quit.

I'm sure there is more, but that's just what comes to mind first. Not bad for one year.

What about 2009?

Well, first off, I'm going to be more specific in my goals. And I'm going to print them out and post them somewhere where I can see them each and every day. By December I couldn't even remember what I had decided I should have been doing all year. And I'm going to be easy on myself. I might make alot of goals (I'm totally Type A in case you've been living under a rock) but I also have to realize that they are goals...and just getting there is half the battle.

Stayed tuned for the next edition where I actually post some concrete goals...but for now, I just got a FaceBook message from Tim that wants to know why I'm not at the track...

Have a great evening.


Stefanie said...

I think what you accomplished this year is amazing!

Looking back, I didn't achieve so many of my fitness goals either. There is always next year right? :)

Anne said...

I'd say your non-running accomplishments certainly negate the lack of fulfillment on the running front. They far surpass the shortage in mileage and workouts and races. Goal #5 made me laugh till I peed my pants.

Tim said...

You did great!