December 29, 2008


Today, for the very last time, I had "that" pesky little scar worked on. For the very last time. Not sure what I'm talking about, click on the picture below and you should be able to see what I'm talking about.

It really wasn't my idea. I would have just lived with the fact that everyone thought Troy burned me with a very long cigarette, or a cat's eye shaped cigar. I didn't care. But HE cared. No, not Troy, but the plastic surgeon who corrected the dermatologist huge mishap when it was originally done. Every time I saw him somewhere, he told me to get in his office immediately to get it taken care of. For some reason he thinks I know everyone around here, and that word might get out that he actually did that to me. So, I appeased him today and decided to get it taken care of FOR THE LAST TIME.

And of course, this time Troy came because he likes blood and guts and all that good stuff. I was just glad I didn't pass out because Troy would have never ever ever let me live that down. Never ever ever. Really. And what started out as a 1 inch scar has now turned into a 5 inch scar. Except this time there won't be a "scar" like the last one. Or so he hopes. He even gave me some shots of steroids in it. And of course I was disappointed to find out that those steroids aren't going to make me run any faster.


I am on strict orders not to lift any upper body weights or put any significant amount of pressure on it. I think he even said I shouldn't cook dinner or do laundry either. Yes, I do distinctly remember hearing him say that I needed to stay on the couch and watch TV for 2 weeks while Troy waits on me for my every waking need.

I hate it when I hear things incorrectly.

He did say to not do anything significant for 2 weeks until he takes out the top layer of stitches. Which puts a little kink in my whole "getting the body ready for spring" thing, also known as personal training and FitCamp. Oh well, I'm sure trainer-extraordinaire, Rick, will find many ways to torture the rest of me that can work out.

On the running front, things are going well despite the fact THAT MY ORTHOTICS STILL AREN'T HERE. Seriously. How did 2 to 3 weeks turn into 'working on week #4'?? I'll hold my criticism until I get them and see how they work out. I'm still running though, just not for very long periods of time. I ran 5 miles Saturday morning with Deanne and then another 5 with her this morning and then I got jazzy and added another 4 onto that. Funny thing is that after I dropped her off I ran the final 4 at a pace that was 41 seconds faster than what she and I ran...I guess too much chatting and not enough running. I plan on hitting speedwork up again tomorrow for my own version of pain and torture. And I "plan" on going to a New Years Day run...but we'll see how New Year's pans out before I commit to getting up early on a Holiday.

In other news, we have this crazy friend named Kevin who ran 300 miles in the past week. Averaging about 50 miles a day. He had lots of helpers who paced him on foot (Monika, FM and the like) and who paced him on the bike (Troy and Scott) and who brought him homemade chicken noodle soup and chocolate chip cookies (me) and who carried him back to his truck when it was over and drove him home (Tim and Steve). He did it on a pseudo-dare...he was told that the only way he could beat our local Olympic runner in training was to run 300 miles in a week. So he did. Givesa whole new meaning to the phrase "checking that off my to-do list". He's an ultra runner anyway, often running 100 mile races on consecutive weekends, but this was by far his greatest feat, and I'm sure, his greatest accomplishment. While he had some really low points during the week, thinking he might not accomplish the goal, every time I saw him he had a huge smile on his face and a "thank you" for anyone willing to help. It was just amazing to see this whole thing unfold. And an amazing testament to the human spirit and will to succeed. Congratulations Kevin! You are my new hero!

Have a great week!

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