December 16, 2008


Last night I heard a radio program on XM's Oprah and Friends*. The topic was about complaining. Or not complaining. About anything. For 21 days. When I approached my husband with the topic, and the idea that I too wanted to not complain for 21 days, he flatly told me:

"You don't complain. I mean you complain about stuff, but not what they are talking about. Like, if I went to McDonald's** and they screwed my hamburger up, I'd complain. But that's not what they are talking about. Besides, you're not a complainer. You're more of a whiner. Actually, you're an analytical whiner."

And with that last statement, he was totally out of the doghouse. I mean, what good auditor would not like to hear that they are analytical, even in their whining?!?

So, today was Day numero uno of not whining. Whether it's analytical or not. No whining. At all today. My bottom lip is a little sore from biting it so much. But, I made it an entire day with no whining.***

Actually, today was really a good day. I was busy at work, which always makes me happy. I got alot accomplished. I became debt free for the first time in my adult life. And even when I wanted to celebrate by taking myself out to lunch, I opted to eat my cheap, homemade, healthy PB&J sandwich. After work, I met up with my two favorite running partners who totally enlightened me on the gay underground network looming at our downtown park while we got a 3 mile run in, and then I completed getting my fitness on with a good ole' ass kicking from Rick, my personal trainer and FitCamp drill sergeant. When I came home I found my CPA review books had arrived which, in a really nerdy way, made me really happy. I didn't even have to stop by the grocery store for anything! And to top it all off it was about 75 degrees today. Perfect weather for a nearly perfect day.

Wow, if this is what my days will be like with no whining, then sign me up!

At any rate, another great day in the books and while I couldn't be happier, I often have to stop and wonder how far my head is in the ground. I found out today that a dear friend is really going through some serious family stuff. I have been totally oblivious to it and actually felt like I had to pick my jaw up off of the ground as this friend was recounting what was really going in their life. I was just stunned, and at the same time really sad because I know where this person has been, and it's a place I never want to visit again. And really, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's just a sucky place to be and there is no other way to put a happier spin on it. While I had a spectacular day, I just can't help but think about what people are going through that I'm totally unaware of. It sortof makes me sad to know that this person has been putting on the best game face I've ever seen to just live every day, but at the same made me feel good that said person felt like I was a good enough friend to share with. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there because even though I'm over here on cloud nine, there are many of you out there that aren't. And well it just sucks.

So, that's it for Day One. Stayed tuned for the next episode of "My Life as Non-Whiner."

Have a great Wednesday.

*I'm only listening to Oprah and Friends because Wall Street Journal radio has vanished from my XM lineup and now I'm forced to listen to the Gayle King Show. Or, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

**We don't eat at McDonald's so I'm not sure why his reference went there.

***I will WHINE with the best of them and ruin my perfectly good non-whining day if Vicky wins the Biggest Loser tonight. I will really really really whine. Seriously. And not ever watch the show again. Really.


Anonymous said...

Like the song said "Thank you for being a friend". I did not want to burden anybody with my problems cause everyone has their own to deal with.

Stefanie said...

You can watch the biggest loser!!!!

Anne said...

Congratulations on becoming debt-free. It's a good time to do so. And you're so right about how many people are suffering through serious issues right now. Hope your friend comes out OK.

Melissa said...

lol nice post. Have a Merry Christmas!