December 09, 2008


Yesterday, as I was leaving physical therapy, the kind therapist said: "you know what's really going to get you better faster is to just rest....but I know I can't tell runners that."

For some reason I got a little satisfaction out of him saying that.

He did follow it up with something else about if I was going to be stubborn at least I was being smart about it and running really really slow.

So slow in fact that the race I ran on Saturday decided to post me running a whole 2 minutes slower than I really did! Thanks guys! I guess I could have written down the wrong time on my POF card, but since I'm an accountant and really like numbers, I find that excuse highly unlikely.

Oh well. It was my first race as a married person, using my married name, so I guess every race after this will be a huge PR.

Have a great Tuesday.

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