December 23, 2008


For three years I've had this on-again, off-again relationship with our track club's Tuesday night speedwork. I like the camaraderie of the group...I hate the work of it all. But, getting over the "hate" part is half the battle, right? Actually, making myself show up is a full battle in itself.

So, I surprised myself when I told myself earlier in the week that I was going to go to speedwork tonight. And I really shocked myself when I actually followed through with it. And I never once whined about going. Not once.

I guess it was the fact that I decided to run my own race and not do what the "group" was doing that made it an easier pill to swallow...showing up and all. Since I'm coming off of this foot injury AND my orthotics still aren't in, I decided I'd just run 3 miles at a moderate pace and throw in some 10 second hill repeats. But, how do you get hills on a track?

Run the stairs.

If I've only learned one thing in FitCamp, it's that stairs, when used with respect, can be your friend. So half-way through my workout I jumped over to the stairs for 4 - 10 second repeats and then headed right back to the track.

I ended up running 4.1 miles because I was pacing with Tim and he wanted to get a nice, round 8 miles in (yes, he got there earlier than me), and well, I didn't just want to sit on the bench and watch everyone else. It was an easy run for me. I was running about 30 to 45 seconds faster than I normally do. And it was on a track, which I equate with running on a treadmill. And it was cold. But despite all the negatives, I still had a good time and for once found myself thinking that track work is actually enjoyable. Maybe it was the company. Maybe it was that I'm finally getting over this injury. Maybe it was because half way through the workout Tim told me that he brought Troy and I two pieces of his banana rum bundt cake....

Whatever it was, I was really glad it happened.

Until next time...

Have a Merry Christmas!


TimC said...

Thank you for the company and helping me get mentally prepared for Disney. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

b2hokie said...

Now Amy - did you share the cake with Troy??????


Anne said...

I like how you incorporated hills into the workout. Stairs -- who knew?!