November 22, 2008


My very dear friend Tommy has a bad habit of always telling me not to get hurt. He mostly says this when I'm bragging about how fast I ran, or how far I ran, or anytime I'm mouthing off about something running related. I HATE it when he says that. LOVE Tommy. Really. I do. But I hate it when he says that.

I don't hate it because I think he's jinxing me, or putting me down...nope not anything of the sort. I hate it because I NEVER get hurt or injured because of running too fast or too far. I ALWAYS get injured either doing something non-running related, or by doing something stupid.

  • When I tore my perennial tendon...I was wearing the wrong shoes (yes, I am aware that this is "running related" but it falls more in the "really stupid" category than it does the "I ran too fast" category...besides it happened when I was still running like 15 minute miles)
  • When I got a stress fracture in my left was a week after a marathon (again, yes, I am aware that this is DEFINITELY "running related" but again, it didn't happen because I was going too happened because I was stupid)
  • When I required 12 stitches in my head and tore my medial meniscus...I was just TRYING on a pair of shoes (yes, again, falls into the "run" category, but was not running's was the asphalts...haha)
  • When I bruised my knee last week to the point that I couldn't bend it...well, that was on my mountain bike and REALLY is not related to running.
  • Today, when I was jogging really really slow with T-roy and Downtown D, and I had that sharp pain in my left leg that LITERALLY stopped me in my tracks...well, I was certain it couldn't be running related because I was running so slow I might as well have been walking. And Personal Trainer Rick confirmed that it was most likely caused by my repeated attempts to beat EVERYONE in stair repeats. So, see, not "real" running related.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, because I am trying to rest my case that the injuries and pain that I sustain on what seems like a weekly basis is NOT because I'm "trying too hard" in the running department.

But, guess what it is doing? Totally screwing with my chances to get some decent long runs in prior to this dreaded Disney marathon I was such an idiot to sign up for. Totally. Screwing. Them. Up.

And well, I'm just tired of it.

What makes me so mad is not that I have some mysterious pain that stopped in me in my tracks. What makes me so mad is that I NEED to run 15 miles tomorrow. And if I weren't "training" for this stupid marathon then it would be an easier to pill to swallow because finding time to run for 3 hours at a time wouldn't be a big deal. Because I wouldn't NEED to run for 3 hours. I would be okay with just running 6 miles tomorrow because 6 miles would be a good run.

But tomorrow, 6 miles will not be good run. It will be a run that sets me back one more week in this stupid quest to run another marathon. A marathon at a place that I don't even like.

So, I'm announcing to you bloggy peeps that after Disney I'm not running any more marathons.


I'm done.





I'll work on getting faster at the short distances, enjoy my time running, and enjoy the other activities I do even more because I won't constantly be worrying that whatever activity I just did might screw my running legs up.

Sorry for the lam-o post but it's just how I feel. I'm tired of it. I set a goal to run a marathon and I did it. I RAN FOR 26.2 MILES. Actually, I did it twice. So, why can't I just be happy with that and move on to a new goal??? Maybe all these aches and pains I have is some one's way of telling me to move on to a new goal. Or maybe it's just my bodies way of saying it's tired of attempting to run 26.2 miles. Maybe it just wants to run 12 and be happy and healthy and safe and uninjured. Maybe.

Until then, I'll keep plugging along...counting down the weeks to this stupid marathon...7 stupid weeks.

Have a great weekend!


Phil said...

I feel your pain Amy. 2007 was my year of injuries and in the end, it was all because of me trying to do too much too fast.

2008 has been my year of recovery. Started all the way back at square one (sort of the same as you did after your stress fracture) and slowly, I mean slowly, built my way back up to 30+ miles a week. Injury free. I haven't managed to get in any long runs over 12 miles, but I'm running pain free. This probably means I won't be running a marathon in Jan 2009, but so what. I can still run faster and farther than 99.99% of the guys my age.

The other huge difference this year is Yoga and stretching. A newbie runner friend of mine heard me complaining about being to tight and told me to stop complaining and do something constructive. She offered to go to Yoga class with me and sent me a list of stretches she wanted me to do after every run. And she's held me accountable for doing them. Worked wonders.

Here's to injury free running. It's in your future.

TimC said...

Amy, I dont know why you are putting so much on yourself for one little bitty marathon. It is only 26.2 miles of FUN. We have done this before and WE will do it again. I have found out before in the past that I too would feel like I am hurting if I attempted to run to slow. So now I just go out and run my speed and not try to slow down or speed up to catch someone else.