November 25, 2008


I take alot of things for granted. Clean water, air, the fact that my husband gets up every single morning and makes me a smoothie AND irons my clothes. Yes, I do take alot for granted.

So, it was yesterday, on my 1.2 mile run that I realized that I've been taking this running partner thing for granted as well. Actually, I've been taking this whole running thing for granted.

Yesterday, the best running partner ever, Tim, ran a very slow 1.2 miles with me and let me whine the ENTIRE time. He will probably say that I was just venting but really in the whole scheme of it, I WAS WHINING. About how fast I want to be, about how slow I want to be, about good I am at everything but running, about how sick I am of being hurt, about how sick I am of posting on my blog about it. He just led me around that 1.2 miles of city blocks running at an extremely slow speed making sure I didn't get hit by cars or fall over uneven sidewalk bricks or run faster than I really should have been.

He listened and gave advice where needed. He didn't tell me to suck it up, or get over it, or just be quiet. He just listened and kept reminding me of where we all came from - that area of life where we were not running at all. Boys and girls, I have a great running partner. And yes, I totally take that for granted (I also take for granted the fact that he IS a paramedic and secretly I run with him because I get hurt alot and well, who better to run with than medically trained personnel, right?)

At any rate, it wasn't until our last few minutes of running that he told me the reason he was trying to get all these races packed in a few months (that crazy yahoo is running a 50k on Saturday, and two marathons in a week in January): he reminded me that his wife has to have yet another surgery on her back in a few short months. And while she is recovering it will be no running for him.

He had no idea that what he had just said made such a profound impact on me. Not that he's backing off of running temporarily while his wife heals...I already know he's a good husband and would do anything for that crazy girl. Nope. That's not what made the impact on me.

It was that I don't have to have surgery on my back in a few short months. Or maybe ever for that matter. That while my pain is temporary, Mandie lives with pain each and every day of her life. And yet, she still shows up for races and is there to cheer Tim in. Heck, she's there to cheer us all in. Pain or not. She's always there.

So, who am I to complain about any of this petty pain that will go away with a few days of rest?

I was sortof disgusted with myself. And vowed right then and there to stop whining about it. And start recognizing all the good that I have in my life. Which includes the fact that I can get out there and run each and every day if I choose to, and the fact that I have the best running partner ever. I almost felt like giving Tim a a huge weight had just been lifted off of my shoulders...but then, well that would have totally crossed the running partner line and would have been weird, so instead I said:

"Tim, Thank you for helping me out today."

Have a great Tuesday!


Debra said...

Great post. It's so true, and we all do it, letting little things take over and get in the way of the big picture. Thanks for reminding me of how they really are just little things that are only temporary. :-)

timc said...

You're welcome. So shut up and run :) because that is what you are meant to do. Just remember that someone out there is trying to be as fast as you are.

Marathoner in Training said...


Now that Tim has posted to your blog, I would like to state that this week is Thanksgiving, and you are VERY thankfull for Tim being there as your running partner. Remember, that while he may not be there running in the near future, he will be there for you.